Love ‘N’ Guts

So we’re approaching VD (Valentine’s Day) for which many have extremely mixed reactions. From the joy of “Yay! Chocolate & Flowers!” to the vehemence of “I DON’T NEED THIS FUCKING MADE UP HOLIDAY TO SHOW YOU I LOVE YOU” to the always maudlin “Great, one more thing to remind me I will DIE ALONE.” I’m … More Love ‘N’ Guts

Suburbanis Troglodytes

“Betty the Cave Dweller”– holy shit, that’s me! Hello, Sober Blog Citizens. I am attempting to write to you from the depths of my subterranean murk. I have been spending excessive amounts of my SWEET PRECIOUS TIME in a cave-like manner: IE, my dimly lit air conditioned bedroom with curtains closed. This is incredibly easy … More Suburbanis Troglodytes

Less to Love

Hello, People. I’m coming in hot, here to tell you that the situation is DIRE: MY FAT PANTS ARE GETTING TIGHT! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Perhaps I should back up a bit. I’m not tooting my own horn *queue aggressive bugling* but I’m preeettttty good at baking. All kinds of baking. Traditional, gluten free, … More Less to Love


Hello Friends! Today is a special day, it’s Mr. Betty’s birthday and he has agreed to tolerate being thrown a birthday party after my phone was blown up by his family members DEMANDING A CELEBRATION, DAMMIT. His family is like that, they enjoy a gathering. So I’m writing a blog post largely to avoid all … More Hobbies-a-Go-Go

Perfect In Every Way

Or as the French have it, parfait! Which is also a delicious layered dessert, so that’s nice. So I am writing to all you amazing fabulous sober blog persons FROM ANOTHER LOCATION. Nope, it’s not the beach house. Guess where?? Give up? Are you saying you don’t want to spend several minutes fruitlessly throwing out … More Perfect In Every Way