California Adventure

Let’s hope Disney doesn’t sue me for the title. Well it’s Day 24 for me and I’m feeling pretty good (metaphorically speaking). We went down to Sacramento for a four-day weekend, came back with weird California colds (we think said germs were procured at the skanky AM/PM gas station we stopped at for gas and … More California Adventure

Dumb Things

Got to thinking last night about some of the various household activities that I thought would be more fun if I was drinking. And I don’t even mean parties or social occasions or nights out. Here’s a list in order of increasing dumbass-ity: •ReadingI actually taught myself to read an entire novel while guzzling wine. … More Dumb Things

Summer Breeze

Makes me feel fine! Summer has come early to the PNW.  I know this because   • it has not rained for 2 weeks  • I have a farmer tan from working outside at my job. It resembles beige opera gloves  • an inordinate number of portly older gentlemen have been spotted mowing their lawns … More Summer Breeze

Let’er Buck!!

Wow! Big one!  Big craving tonight! Really bad! Cannot stop using !!!!!!!!!!’s VERY LIBERALLY!!!!! Thought very seriously on the way home about getting a beer.  Not even a real one, but maybe a Miller 64. I would LITERALLY need to shot gun 6 in a row within15 minutes to get a buzz from 64 calorie … More Let’er Buck!!