I’m Super Annoying When I’m Not Hungover

Day 7
Woke up early again! Partly because of my saint – like sober behavior and partly because we in the Great Pacific Northwest (P N Dubs) are having a heatwave and my a/c quietly died yesterday.
You may have a few questions:
• Doesn’t it just rain in Oregon?
• Didn’t you just want to TEAR INTO THE BOX OF WINE????
To #1, the answer is yes, September to June.
To #2, the answer is HELL YES. But I didn’t.  Instead, we went out for breakfast at 10pm. That’s right, left the house after dark and drove in a PERFECTLY legal fashion to eat pancakes.
Am I thinking about wine right now?
Oh yes. Am I going to have some?
Ummmm, no. I mean, definitely not,  what a filthy suggestion.
Ok, back to why I’m so goddam annoying when not hungover.
  • I have a ton of energy and feel the need to DO THINGS.
  • I need help doing those things.
  • That means others are getting roped into helping me do the things.
  • And I am RIGHT IN THEIR FACES telling them all about the awesome things we are going to do. Yay!
I remember getting a shit-ton of stuff done in the past- sewing complicated Halloween costumes for me and the kids, painting the house,  fixing stuff, throwing elaborate themed birthday parties, meeting friends, throwing big person parties (I was going to say “adult parties” to distinguish from children’s parties but thought I might be throwing the wrong “vibe”).
And today-me would think, “Gawd!  How did then-me ever get all that shit done? I’m sooooo tired…”
So I got up and mowed my lawn at 9am.
I know! Pretty amazing, right?? That’s not a typo, I wrote NINE.
Then I climbed into the attic to get portable a/c parts and cooler for river-bound teens.
Then we (myself and the person forced to “do things with me”, in this instance my husband) installed porto-a/c in window to begin cooling the sweathouse.
Then we hauled a pile of kitchen demo debris out of the backyard. That crap has been there since September.  There was compost forming in the old sink. 
Then (see how tedious I’m becoming??) I weeded in the front yard.
Now I’m doing this.
My goal this next week is to annoy the crap out of my coworkers with my sheer perkiness and my irritating can-do attitude.

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