Let’er Buck!!

Wow! Big one!  Big craving tonight! Really bad! Cannot stop using !!!!!!!!!!’s VERY LIBERALLY!!!!!
Thought very seriously on the way home about getting a beer.  Not even a real one, but maybe a Miller 64. I would LITERALLY need to shot gun 6 in a row within15 minutes to get a buzz from 64 calorie beer. Just a tiny little micro-buzz, Maaaan! Just to get me by! Only slightly more alcoholic than the brandied cherry I accidentally ingested at lunch yesterday (it was on top of my chocolate torte. ..I didn’t know what it was until the brandy taste invaded my mouth. Ewe.)
I rode it out, like a cowboy on a bull at the Pendleton Roundup. Yeeeehahhhh!
Get along, little doggie!! Rawhide! Let’er Buck*!!!! Other western-type references! !
Feeling human again and not like a giant ball of angst. Breathing…ahhhh, breathing.
Made it through another wine-thirty.
All you bloggy ladies got me through it before my poor spouse had to deal with some undeserved snarling. I pawed through your posts like a Crackhead looking for a rock! Hope no one’s offended by that, I mean that in the best most positive way:)
Lovely Anne Ainsobriety suggested I come up with a special beverage that would keep my face occupied while squirming. 
Any ideas? If I’m not shaking it with vodka and a twist I’m afraid I’m quite lost.
Thanks again, Gals. You’re the best!
*if you’re curious about the Let’er Buck reference here ya go http://www.pendletonroundup.com

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