Summer Breeze

Makes me feel fine!
Summer has come early to the PNW.  I know this because
  • it has not rained for 2 weeks
  • I have a farmer tan from working outside at my job. It resembles beige opera gloves
  • an inordinate number of portly older gentlemen have been spotted mowing their lawns without shirts. Black socks and sandals complete the look
This beautiful weather is helping my mood. And today, for the first time I was not jonesing on a glass of wine during my drive home. Nay!! Once I realized I hadn’t thought about it of course I started thinking about it. But I didn’t really want it, not like last friday.
I know this process isn’t linear, and  tomorrow I might have to fight again, but today is very good.
In the interest of trying to hit some of the goals on my list of a few days ago, I decided to wash ridiculously long hair tonight so as not to sport Edwardian bun tomorrow.  Coworkers will thank me.
Also tonight I tried out some kombucha and found that to be a somewhat unusual yet satisfying beverage with numerous health benefits: among other things, it is antioxidant, probiotic and (drum roll) it detoxifies your liver!! How bout that? It’s outrageously expensive so I’m thinking about starting to brew my own. You need to get a yeasty starter thingy which resembles a large floppy mushroom, but I’ll try not to be completely horrified.
Also shot gunned a Mexican coke (real sugar, not the HFCS), so not sure if I’m sleeping tonight.
Blowing through the jasmine in my miiiiiiind….

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