California Adventure

Let’s hope Disney doesn’t sue me for the title.

Well it’s Day 24 for me and I’m feeling pretty good (metaphorically speaking). We went down to Sacramento for a four-day weekend, came back with weird California colds (we think said germs were procured at the skanky AM/PM gas station we stopped at for gas and water in Red Bluff, but I cannot say for sure. Red Bluff is one of those places with a pretty name that makes you think it might be really nice BUT NAY! Not so, not one bluff in view, red or otherwise. Another one is Goldendale, WA– do not be fooled!!)

We stayed at a fairly fancy hotel (fancy, but not schmancy, if ya know what I mean) walking distance from Old Town Sacramento, known affectionately by the locals as “Old Sac”. I am not making that up. As in, “Sure is hot in the Old Sac tonight!” or perhaps, “Care to meet me in the Old Sac later??”
The hotel has two-room suites, full breakfast, evening reception and EXCELLENT A/C- very important as the Old Sac gets rather sweaty (see??) and one needs to air out, as it were.

The best part about my mini-vaca was seeing two of my friends who I have known for 30 years which is a really long time. Fortunately for me and my somewhat fledgling sobriety neither friend is really much of a drinker. In fact, when I told my friend Maria that I was off wine because I was having a problem with it she really didn’t get it. “Well….you get stressed, and maybe need to have a glass…” she offered helpfully. “No. A bottle. Every night. Rain or shine.”  Maria orders a pina colada and sips it all night claiming she’s wasted, which I love about her.

As long as we’re confessing (and we are, aren’t we??) I must tell that I did have a few light beers at the free evening reception the first night. However I’m okay with it because:

  • No one can become intoxicated on light beer (barring shotgunning a sixer in less than 20 minutes)
  • It wasn’t wine
  • I didn’t get drunk
  • I didn’t drink again for the whole weekend

Did however get an enormous meat hangover from the Brazilian steakhouse but bandying about in the Old Sac burned quite a few calories (it’s ALWAYS funny.)

So feeling good about the whole living-without-wine thing, but otherwise quite shitty, I assure you (with the cold and all.)

Another thing I got out of the weekend is a renewed zest for crafting! When you see nifty little things in the shops you start to think, “I can make that! I can sew that!”. Wandering through Evangeline’s Costume Mansion, my friend Jennifer told me she comes here every year to steal ideas for costumes which she then fashions on her own. It reminded me that I have dozens of sewing patterns for historical costumes (which I purchased on sale years ago with the intention of..well, sewing them, really. )

In order to do that, I need to put together my sewing area using– yes, you guessed it: Ikea Billy bookcases currently in boxes.

I have purpose. I have projects. I am going to be busy again! I’m going to make shit!

For the moment, however, I’m just trying to get through the week shooting Zicam homeopathic gel up my nose (sounds sexy!) and eating echinacea by the handful.


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