Kombucha! It’s Happening!

As promised, I have started to brew my own kombucha. Kombucha is reputed to promote:

  • Detoxification- particularly of the LIVER. And couldn’t we all use a bit of a spring cleaning in that area??
  • Joint Care- apparently it contains glucosamine
  • Digestion and Gut Health- as a fermented beverage it is probiotic
  • Improved Immunity- anti-oxidant

It’s also quite tasty if you are a person who enjoys things that are tart. It has a little bite to it as well since it’s fermented and slightly fizzy.
The spouse and I have been enjoying these beverages as an alternative to alcohol, but sparingly as they are rather spendy at $3 per bottle. I had a few options to start brewing my own:

  • Purchase a ready-to-go SCOBY (symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria) which is the “starter” for the fermentation process. 
  • Make my own SCOBY using ready made raw kombucha drink
Opinions (from the Kombucha world) differ on these options. Some Kombucha enthusiasts report that the SCOBY purchased online was perfectly acceptable and made some PRIMO TEA. Others scoffed, claiming they had received an inferior blob of yeasty bacteria and the brewing did not go well. Many Kombucha-philes suggested making SCOBY from scratch to get the best possible blob.
Eventually, I opted for starting my own and here’s how I’m doing it:
7 cups of black tea (in which 1 cup of sugar is dissolved)
1 bottle of raw store bought Kombucha, no flavor
Let tea cool completely. Pour into 2 qt glass jar and cover with cheese cloth (do not seal!!) and keep in warmish area for 7-14 days. About 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit is the temp range.

Apparently, I will NOT be able to use this batch of tea, but will use the resulting SCOBY for my next batch, which will need another 7-10 days to reach it’s fabulous Kombuch-tastic potential. So I’ll be on the hook for the continued purchases of these fine beverages for several more weeks as my husband has grown very fond of them. He’s having one NOW. Likes them A LOT.
So I’ll report back on the progress of disgusting blobby thing that starts to form!

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