Is Addiction a Disease?

Pseudo-science and Bible-thumping, the worst of both worlds: The problem with rehab, AA and calling addiction a disease Found this article schlepping around on this afternoon. Psychologist and neuroscientist  Mark Lewis is interviewed about his book “The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction Is Not a Disease” in this article. There are probably people on both sides … More Is Addiction a Disease?

Dig This Book!

Calling all opinionated readers! I have started a book review blog for the unwashed masses (meaning us). I would love to get contributors on board to submit their thoughts on books they love (or hate) but mostly love, I think love is just better *hearts and sparkles*. Here’s the blog if you want to have … More Dig This Book!

Pumping You Up

I’m back at the gym now, by which I mean fitness facility, I’m not buffing up for weight lifting competition (or am I??) I’m reading that many bloggers are looking to tone-up, get in shape, lose weight, feel better but don’t consider themselves “gym types”. I’d like to let them know that there really isn’t … More Pumping You Up

Mad Mission

Mad Mission We were drinking like the Irish, But we were drinking scotch Bartender turned on a movie Everybody turned to watch And every single eye was gleaming As he reached the final scene Well, at least mine did, Here’s lookin’ at you, kid It’s a mad mission Under difficult conditions not everybody makes it To the loving cup … More Mad Mission

Dreams and the PCT

Not normally a daytime napper but this heat wave kept me up all night. So just before I woke up from a nap this afternoon I had this weirdly vivid dream that I was talking/telling/writing whatever about how fricking AWESOME MY SOBRIETY IS. Don’t remember who or what but I was JACKED UP about. So dream … More Dreams and the PCT