Morning Ikea and Other Dependencies

Whipped this little Ikea project together while having coffee this morning. Yes, I do realize that this is NOT the Billy bookcases waiting downstairs in boxes, but it’s something. It’s damn cute.

So I guess it’s time to think about my other vices, start knocking them down as I move forward.


Omg, that’s a big one. I quit smoking in Feb 2008 after about 22 years. Quit cold turkey after several attempts. Continued to drink until OCT 2008, then quit that. Worked out. Ate lettuce and similar.
Was perfect saint-like person (well…)

So the drinking started again in 2012, the smoking followed a year later. I assumed the two were symbiotic and when one stopped the other would follow. Now I’m starting to wonder if I drank so I could smoke?? At first, I was only smoking when drinking, so it wasn’t very often. Then when my drinking became nearly daily the ciggy intake also dramatically increased. When I decided that I was going to die (please see post of same name) I couldn’t figure out which I should concentrate on first- Chicken?? Egg?? Omelet??

What has actually happened is that I have replaced wine & cigs on the patio, with [insert NA beverage] & cigs on the patio. Crap.

SOOOOOOOO now I have to quit smoking. Again. Shit.

QUITTING PROS (this sounds stupid even I as type, but stay with me)

  • Won’t die
  • More energy
  • Sleep better
  • Less stinky
  • Save money
  • But I waaaaaant it!!! (that’s all I’ve got here)
Okay, next vice: 
I’ve had problems with insomnia my entire life. I’ve used a variety of OTC aids in my life– valerian, Unisom (blue pills), and melatonin– alone and in combinations. While drinking heavily I seriously dosed up on these in order to avoid the 3am wakeup, sometimes swallowing a few valerian during 3am wakeup, all of which made mornings quite difficult. I am now at a point where I’ve been so used to knocking myself out for fear of not being about to get to sleep/stay asleep, that I’m still going overboard with meds.
So these are some things I’m working on (I’m smoking now, it’s very hard to type). 
Have returned to my original inspiration, Allen Carr’s Easyway, and now that I’m not drunk-reading anymore I think my chances of success are much increased. Barring that I suppose I could pay someone to knock the cig out of my hand, but that does’t seem practical. 
All in all, not bad, considering I could be a gambler, kleptomaniac or possibly sex-addict. So there’s that, always a bright side. 
Happy 4th! 


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