Don’t Dream It…

So as I was whining (but not WINE-ING, so infinitely better) to myself in the shower (come to think of it wine in the shower might be a bit of a stretch anyway) about my significant lack of motivation, this popped into my head. I’m not shitting you, this is seriously the earworm that I am entertaining right now. Those of you that are familiar with the Rocky Horror Picture Show will know exactly what I mean.
I’m not saying that I, like Frankenfurter, long to return to my home in Transsexual Transylvania. Nay, just that I need to start living again.
So now I am starting to think once again about DISTRACTIONS. Booze is the ultimate distraction. So is smoking. You can while away an afternoon on your patio (well, maybe you have another area) with a pack of Death Stix and a laptop, making lists of tasks that aren’t spontaneously happening (whoops, ant on me) because you are DISTRACTED.  By “you” I of course mean moi.
Frankly I’m feeling quite shitty at this moment. Going to sit with it.
Still there.
Ok better.
Wow, that sucked.
Back to the post!
One more day of my long weekend then back to work tomorrow. I’ll be assisting Steve, the Portland hipster electrician, to install telecommunications conduit in a minimum security prison dorm  (yes, that is my job). If you’ve seen Orange is the New Black, it’s a very similar environment (except real prisons are not as loosey-goosey as Litchfield is portrayed, nor are the security staff ignorant and mean) We will be installing many many cameras in these units and we have received mixed reactions from the residents- from “That’s awesome, I’m going to feel a lot safer.” to “That’s not gonna stop us..” to “Is this for the Discovery Channel??”
Prison is a place where distractions are welcomed and sometimes necessary. For some inmates, work is a distraction. for others it’s sleeping, watching tv (yes, they have tv’s, they are purchased at the Commissary at an exorbitant rate and they are see-through plastic), playing cards, drawing, praying, bitching, studying, dreaming.
Jeez-US. That was grim too. I’m going to stop while I’m behind and quit flapping my metaphorical mouth-parts at you all. I’m going to get some shit done.
Have a great week!!

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