Relatively Productive Day and Kombucha Update

As promised in our last episode, I have successfully installed the drip irrigation system for my future hanging flower basket babies. Took a near-beer in the middle and got ‘er done in about three hours. So yay!

Didn’t make it to yoga at 8am as I had suggested to myself (I was going to write “promised myself” but I didn’t want me to think I had disappointed myself by not “following through”). Actually I was up late watching Six Feet Under on Amazon Prime, while wondering how that yoga thing was going to work out. But I was on time for my 9:30 coffee date, a purposely early start time I, er, SUGGESTED to myself so I would get up and out of bed. Yes 9:30. It’s early for me. Shut up.

Also, the Kombucha a started a few weeks ago is finally ready. I’m not sure if I let it stew long enough and it didn’t fizz up like it was supposed to, but I drank it anyway (because I made it!) It tastes a bit like really tart Lipton lemon iced tea mix, but with more of a kick. So not bad. My SCOBY came together nicely and is currently fermenting my next batch.

Thought briefly after finishing my drip project about “wine treat” or really just something buzzy. But then I thought, no, what if I want to go DO SOMETHING LATER??? Who the hell said THAT? Can’t remember the last time I cared about LATER when deciding whether or not to glug wine. I can’t remember the last time it was even a DECISION I made consciously. So there. Awesome happens.

Spouse came home from a bluegrass picker’s festival he had traveled to in Washington and was bearing take’n’bake pizza, so that’s pretty good when food comes to you.

Also been a very Busy Lady as I have been posting current and past DIY projects on my Hammer Down blog. I haven’t spent so much time mucking about in HTML in years, formatting, uploading, proofreading. Fabulous! I used to write constantly, then I got busy, then I got drunk.

Yes, I think that’s enough for now, kava tea and perhaps watch my not-favorite yet-still-not-bad Pride and Prejudice movie (it’s the Keira Knightly version, not the Colin Firth one- but I have that one on DVD (sometimes I watch all six hours together when I’m depressed) got lost in my parenthetical phrase)) very tired ))).


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