Back on the Chain Gang

So I was hanging out at this prison today…because that’s my job and let’s face it, I have a lot of fans there. I started thinking about alcohol as a prison. It’s not, not really, because technically we can leave anytime we want, whereas my inmate friends do not have the luxury. But there are similarities:

  • Routine: The incarcerated fellows (and ladies, but I don’t work in the women’s prison) pretty much do the same thing everyday with little variation. Get up, do your job, eat at the mess, get your fritos at the commissary, watch tv, etc. Everyday.
  • Boredom: These guys are bored out of their skulls.
  • Drama: Gossip, fights over the tiny amount of space they have, some guy looking at them sideways
  • Repetitive Behavior: Most of them never figure out ho to change their behavior and they keeping making the same bad decisions over and over
  • Addiction: The reason why many of them are there in the first place
  • Failure to Take Accountability: It’s always someone/something else’s fault
  • Hopelessness: Why even bother to try something different?
  • Depression: I’ve seen some guys who lay in their bunks and sleep. All day.

They are stuck here 24/7. Some of them are in for life, some of them will continue to make this their life, and many have given the best years of their life, their youth, to this incarceration.

We can get up and walk out. Remember that: you are free to leave.

Also we will not be forced  to wear those horrible orange shower shoes. Just fugly.


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