Kombucha- The Time Has Nearly Come

For those of you interested in my experiment in Kombucha brewing, here’s where are:


This is first real batch using the SCOBY I created with my first (largely undrinkable batch– who was I kidding??)

I tasted it and it’s quite fizzy and nice. I added some fresh peaches and tossed it in the fridge to enjoy this evening.

And here’s my TEXTBOOK SCOBY


Looking weirdly like flan (but wouldn’t someone get a surprise if they grabbed a forkful after their enchiladas?)

New batch will be started today. Brew time in my kitchen (which has been about 74 degrees) was about a week.

If you are interested in Kombucha brewing I’ll be cross-blogging the entire experience at Hammer Down, my DIY blog, alog with some links to pages with supplies an recipes.

Bottoms up! My liver quivers in anticipation…

(bee tee dubs: sorry about crappy pix, I need to stop being lazy and get out my “real camera” for blog pix, working on it!)


2 thoughts on “Kombucha- The Time Has Nearly Come

  1. I tried a store-bought version and the result was rather painful stomach aches… etc. So I was discouraged to keep trying. It was probably my gut bacteria adjusting to something new and strange, but I never gave them more of a chance! I like the idea, though :).


    1. I can see that, it’s basically like drinking vinegar. I have a pretty high tolerance for tart things so didn’t notice those effects. Might be possible to brew a bit less time and get it to the strength you can handle? If you try it let me know!


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