Dreams and the PCT

PCT sign

Not normally a daytime napper but this heat wave kept me up all night. So just before I woke up from a nap this afternoon I had this weirdly vivid dream that I was talking/telling/writing whatever about how fricking AWESOME MY SOBRIETY IS. Don’t remember who or what but I was JACKED UP about.

So dream is coming true, and now I’m telling all of you: AWESOME! LOVE IT! Still JACKED UP.

Then I saw this on the Facebook:

Pacific Crest Trail in Timelapse

OMG, incredible. Someone in the Blog Realm had written about reading the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed, about her healing journey on the PCT. This guy did the whole thing, Mexico to Canada. Five months. Super cool. He filmed one second of every day and put it all together with snappy music.

I live within 90 minutes one of the PCT trailheads, the one in the Oregon Cascades near Sisters. Maybe someday I’ll hike it for a day or maybe just up to The Bridge of the Gods or maybe all the way (probably not, I’m fairly precious about sleeping in a tent.) But fun to think about. Fun to dream.

Guess what NO ONE is doing on the PCT? That’s right, drinking. That is NOT HAPPENING.

I hope everyone has enjoyed  or at least not hated their weekends. The soul sucking heat has slowed me down a bit but I managed to: ride my new bike, go to the gym, go to the Salem Art Fair, buy agave at Costco, use my juicer.

Not the PCT but not bad.

I have a tri-tip roast that is not going to cook itself. Have a great week!


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