Mad Mission

Mad Mission
We were drinking like the Irish, But we were drinking scotch
Bartender turned on a movie Everybody turned to watch
And every single eye was gleaming As he reached the final scene
Well, at least mine did, Here’s lookin’ at you, kid
It’s a mad mission
Under difficult conditions
not everybody makes it
To the loving cup
It’s a mad mission
But I got the ambition
Mad, mad mission
sign me up

That’s a song by my favorite indie folk singer/songwriter Patty Griffin. If you don’t know Patty, you need to know Patty. Patty has lived and loved, Patty really gets it. Patty knows how to touch your SOUL. Patty’s going to be my BEST FRIEND some day (she doesn’t know it yet!)

BTW I hope the “Irish” part doesn’t sound racist…its just a song! No implications!

Anyhoo, I thought the title was appropriate for what many of us are doing/trying to do/have done.

And also I get to see Patty at the Portland Zoo this weekend (sounds weird–it’s a thing.) I’ll be with my good friend who quit drinking a few years ago. She told me about it over wine (for me, not her) one night a while back. I was like, “Whuuuut?? You’re not an alcoholic!” But she told me we was chugging a bottle of wine every night. I had no idea, she always seemed to have it together, never seemed drunk or out of control. But there ya go, a lot of us know how that all works.

I’m not sure if I’ll be hanging out with Patty after this particular gig, but we’ll see!

If you don’t know Patty please google her immediately and listen to her songs on You Tube and then buy all her albums (Patty’s a hard working lady, not a rockstar!)  and then if she comes to your town go see her play, you won’t be sorry.


2 thoughts on “Mad Mission

  1. We have jazz at the zoo here in summer at dusk, so not weird, I get it. I’m off to look up Patty right now.
    Have a great time ( well done to your friend too) paaarrrrtyyyy with paaattttyyy!

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