Hair-do’s (and don’ts) and Just Doing

I want everyone to know I washed my hair yesterday. BEFORE WORK. This is big. I was volun-chosen to go to a conference for work and had to arrive in BUSINESS CASUAL at 8am. I don’t do business cas’, I’m a telecom network technician and I spend my days crawling around on the floor in dirty computer rooms, laying down under desks to reach cables, stuffed up in dusty ceilings and sludging through tunnels. On a good day. (haha!) So my “uniform” is a t-shirt and black jeans, big belt to clip my keys to, and my only odes to fashion are non-dangly earrings and brightly colored running shoes (I don’t run). Because long flowing hair is not conducive to this work it must be safely bound in a bun/clip/pony tail or other, so styling isn’t a priority on most days.

But I had to step it up for this conference, my coworker and I were the only ones there representing our small unit and we needed to not look like we had just come off a ladder.

  • Got up at 6am
  • Washed, dried, and flat-ironed ridiculously long hair
  • Applied FULL makeup
  • Installed FULL accessory complex (including earrings, necklace and bracelet)
  • Dressed in the only biz-cas’ pants I have that fit me, skinny fit Calvin Klein’s I picked up( most astutely) for a song at the Costco (which I had IRONED the night before so as to not look like I slept in them)
  • Found cute blouse in closet that I’ve never worn before, applied wide belt (“to emphasize the narrowest part of my waist”, thank you very much Stacy and Clinton)
  • Arrived early, found good seat
  • Accepted compliments from co-workers who didn’t know I owned a blouse

Today I’m back to rocking the jeans-n-bun, but it was refreshing to realize that I still “clean up nice”.  And now I’m inspired to begin doing so more often on the weekends rather spending the entire 48 hours in my gym gear (and I don’t always make it to the gym.)

Other Doings

Have managed to drop about 4lbs since I boarded the temperance wagon 54 days ago, down 14 total from my highest weight ever in January this year. That puts me right between a 12 and a 10 (or as my long-dieting friend calls it, “a tight 10”).

Have returned to the gym, so far just 2 or 3 days a week, but working up to 4-5. Arms are tightening up and I’m looking forward to the day where I can no longer flap hello at you all.

Have purchased lovely, light, 24 speed hybrid commuter bike and started biking for 30-40 minutes at a go, mostly at one of the gorgeous parks with bike paths that we have, but sometimes just around the neighborhood (scouting for open houses to attend). Helmet and helmet mirror have arrived today via Amazon– I am not messing around, I am suburban bike-lady.

Have begun transformation of my son’s vacated bedroom to guest-room/sewing room/mom cave with concurrent re-decorating of remaining resident  teen’s bedroom (updates in Hammer Down if your are interested.)

Have begun posting lengthy photo/tutorials of my DIY projects (also on Hammer Down). This has served several purposes:

  • Enumerating my actual projects has been empowering and has made me remember how much I have accomplished and what I am capable of
  • Blogging about it forces me to clean my house so I can take pictures that won’t literally disgust and horrify people and cause them to doubt whether my DIY is “legit”

So it’s going pretty well. Preeettttty well. Pulling it together, getting turds in a herd, etc.

I’m closing in on 8 weeks sober here, and that doesn’t seem like a long time, but it also seems like FOREVER, know what I mean?


2 thoughts on “Hair-do’s (and don’ts) and Just Doing

  1. Sometimes it’s good to get a little glammed up to remind ourselves that “hey, I’m doing ok and I don’t look so bad either” self -esteem boost, tick. co-workers impressed, tick. Huge congratulations on 8 weeks!!! *offers celebratory cake (low fat) with candles* I know exactly what you mean about time, 8 weeks isn’t that significant in the scheme of things normally but in early sobriety it can seem like a lifetime. I’m only 20 days in but what a difference that 20 days has made – I pretty much don’t recognise myself, psychologically at least. Waving a flappy hello back at you 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! I felt so much better at 20 days, it was unbelievable. It’s about the time your cravings really die down and you’ve created different better habits.
      Thanks for the cake, I’ll eat it with the sugar and lard in it, thanks! And happy day 20 to you!

      Liked by 1 person

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