Nostalgia = old pain

This swan post really sums of some thoughts and musings I’ve had about how nice it would be to be able to drink. Particularly the bit about “the waiting to drink”; I remember the anticipation of getting my first glass of wine, how it would taste, how I would feel, the anxiety leading up to it, the disappointment if I had to hold off a few hours.

sober women awareness network (swan)

Thank you to Fiona swan for the article at the end and for letting me know that ”Nostalgia comes from Greek for”old pain”. Do you really want that back??? ”


Hello, hope all good with you. Went to the beach directly after work tonight. I find that it breaks up the transition from getting in and settling in, if that makes sense; stops the wired feeling from being quite as bad. While walking along the sand I realised that this holiday coming up will be my first ever abroad where I don’t drink every day, from early afternoon onwards, well into the night.

The lure of outside drinking, restaurant drinking, beach drinking, pool drinking,drinking while barbecuing, drinking while watching the sun go down, drinking with friends around a table in the dark with just a candle flickering, drinking after a long day sight seeing, drinking while sight seeing, drinking…

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