Commitments and Clouds


Well, the heat has disappeared. We were promised a few more days of it but the clouds have rolled in and kept us to a sweaty humid 80 degrees. So goes life in the PN-Dub.

On the upside, it’s good biking weather so spouse and I headed up to Silver Falls and yesterday for some fat-burning activity. We got about 100 feet up the “actual” bike trail, and I do mean “up”, then weenied out and took the flat path through the campgrounds. Nice.

In our quest to reduce our collective body mass, we’re getting quite sporty, trying to hit the gym or the bike on alternating days, saying “hell no” to fried foods, using lonely abandoned juicer and doing protein shake meal replacements.

I must say, getting in the habit of saying no to alcohol has made the dieting easier. Once I learned how to do that I was in the No Zone and I can hit the McD’s drive-thru for an iced tea and emerge cheeseburger-less.

So now that my clean, mean discipline-machine of a mind is in FULL GEAR I have one more wretched vice that needs to be dealt with– my love affair with the Death Stix.

So, in a moment of weakness, er um, strength obviously, I committed to my husband that in August, when the kids go on vacation with their dad, I will take some days off work and not only join him for a three-day juice cleanse (as promoted by Joe of “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, Netflix) …and I will quit smoking. *sound of villagers cheering*

So there. It’s out there. I’m doing it. Commitment made and logged. This will take place near the end of August and I will attempt to blog it if I can see straight to type, or even if I can’t in which case it will at least be good for a chuckle or three.

Until then, take five, smoke if ya got ’em.


8 thoughts on “Commitments and Clouds

  1. Go girl! you can do it! I gave up smoking when I decided to quit drinking, I only used to smoke when I drank but I basically chain smoked when I did. I do have cravings now and then but, like drinking, I don’t give in to them no matter what. I find if I distract myself with something else it does the trick – even if that something else is cleaning 😦


  2. Did you really? That’s what I expected to happen to me but it didn’t. So I think I’m replacing the drinking with the smoking, which is NOT WHAT WE’RE GOING FOR HERE. You have inspired me, if you can do it, I can do it too! But I’m not CLEANING, for fuck’s sake, it’ll never get THAT BAD. hahahah!!


    1. I used to be a real smoker, smoker, like two on the way to work in the car type smoker but then stopped but found drinking was my smoking trigger, as soon as I had a whiff of alcohol that was it, I was puffing away like a chimney. Now that I’ve removed the alcohol it really hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be – and I love that my hair smell still smells like shampoo the next day !


  3. Don’t do too much.
    Husband started chewing tobacco more in early sobriety. He tried to quit at around a year, and the cravings and sense of deprivation was too much.
    Sober comes first.

    So, if you try it and it doesn’t feel good (ie you start resenting life and feel like there is nothing left) reconsider the timing.

    All these are hard changes.


      1. The truth is,this is all hard.
        One of the secrets to happiness I have found is to not make life more difficult than it needs to be.
        So just tread lightly. And do whatever feels best! You can always change your mind.

        Addiction is a sneaky thing.


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