Oh Deer Me


Sooo we got to our vacation cabin yesterday and guess what? No wifi. The description of the property clearly states INTERNET, because there is wifi available at the rec centers but I think  that’s a bit sleazy and deceptive and THIS WILL BE GOING IN MY REVIEW.
So we’ll live (with a massive cellular data bill no doubt.)
Local Fred Meyer grocery store offers an outstanding collection of NA beer so that almost makes up for lack of Internet. Almost.
I had seriously considered getting some wine for “vacation partying” but it just didn’t sound good. I even looked at it in the store, I was like, meh. And that’s just fine.  We bought doughnuts in leiu of wine so I’ll settle for a sugar and lard hangover instead. 
Tonight we’ll be hiking down for s’mores and cowboy music ( generally that means an old guy with a guitar singing about depressing shit, cheatin’ women and people dying young from diptheria, which is of course fun for the kids!!)
So far the sober vacation has been easy and breezy. Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing hanging on a string, baby. I just really NEVER  want to be drunk again. Whether or not that means I don’t drink or that I don’t drink much, I don’t know yet. Whatever it takes,  I never want to feel that way again. If I did, I’d probably start singing cowboy songs about it, and NO ONE wants that.

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6 thoughts on “Oh Deer Me

  1. Just your stock standard doughnuts I presume? and don’t forget the dog, there’s usually a dog somewhere in country music.


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