Evil Hair???

So I’ve dedicated a lot of blog – width to my hair. My hair is an entity unto itself.  I don’t know if it’s great hair but there’s a lot of it. I’ve mentioned the Edwardian bun that it lives in most of the time (actually now I’m doing this ballerina thing) due to the time commitment needed to style it (it’s so involved I’m literally worshipping at the alter of my OWN HAIR.)
Then I got to thinking *hamster wheel squeaking furiously* that I’ve been growing out my hair about as long as I’ve been drinking like a sailor on leave (no offense to the navy! ‘Merica!!!) and I started to wonder– is it the hair??
Did my hair somehow contract a malicious wine-spirit??
Thoughts to ponder…

Meanwhile, back at the resort…vacation is almost over, we’re going back to the valley tomorrow. (Kind of sounds like I live down in the “holler”.) Sober vacation has been FABULOUS. Last year we said we weren’t going to drink but bought tequila the first night after arrival in Santa Cruz.  This is much better in spite of the lack of wifi.

Not sure what we’re doing today, so I’ll be consulting the the all-powerful Hair Oracle about it.


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