You Will All Be Assimilated and Hallelu!!

Day 72, and it has started already: the Evangelizing!!  Yea, sisters and brothers, come ye down to the fountain of NA beer and be HEALED!! Can you give me HALLELU??

My friend at work (mentioned in one of my first posts And It Looks Like I’m Not Alone ) told me the next week she was doing great but not sober. I’m not sure how much of an issue it is for her, her thing was mostly about losing weight. But today at lunch we were talking about the upcoming Tomato Canning Activities (will post in Hammer Down) and she said, “I don’t know about you gals, but I’m canning Bloody Mary mix.” Now, I am (was) a fan of a nice Bloody Mary, or it’s Latino cousin, the Bloody Maria, so I understand the need for exceptional tomato juice, but I had to ask her about it later. Also, I’m now starting to think a Virgin Mary might be tasty.

So I told her I’d been sober since our first conversation and she was amazed and pleased. Then I said, “But you probably don’t drink as much as I did.” and she said, “Mmmmmmm….?????”  I told her how much wine I was drinking EVERYDAY and she said, “How do you know when you buy a box??” Good question!!  I then shared the whole blog deal and told her I’d send her the link. So maybe I got one!!

A note to you prospective soberizers: I’m onto you and I WILL APPROACH YOU. Be it on the streets or in the bars or at your seemingly innocuous places of employment.

I’m not talking about a sober take-down or anything (although that may not be beneath me), but I will send you my By-God sober blog link where we discuss the DANGERS of the Devil’s Saliva, the EE-vill draw of Satan’s Nasty Nasty Brew that will steal your soul and leave you crying for your mamas, AAAAA-men!!

*This message was approved by the Church of Betty. Donations for the building of the Church of Betty Benevolent Betterment Bunker now being accepted. The Church of Betty does not approve of the canning of wholesome fruits which are meant for consumption with the Beverages of Beelzebub*


8 thoughts on “You Will All Be Assimilated and Hallelu!!

  1. You are brave. I would not be sharing my blog. It is my space and I prefer being anonymous. That way I feel safe. That way I can be honest.
    Loved all the names!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good or bad, I have told everyone about my not drinking and my blog.
    I can’t talk about family members, because they read it!
    I told my hubby I would tell him when I was going to post about our fights!
    He said he appreciated that!
    I have made one convert, though!

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