NA..Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? and My Sober Treat Is A Trip To Costco

Sober Week Wrap Up:

It’s official. NA beer gives me…intestinal issues. Of the Pepto variety.

In other news, as many of you are “buying yourself something pretty” to reward your hard-won sobriety, I went to Costco today. Got me a two-pack 32GB USB drive (USB 3.0, people!!) Also a cozy NW-style fleecy sporty jacket for the rain/cold that will start any minute now. AND two-pack pajama-pants. That’s right, you’re not the only ones who know how to “Treat yo’self”.

Also, my 81 year old dad has lady probs, has to beat those senior center babes off him with a stick.

At the suggestion of another blogger, I finally got one of those sober apps to count my days and my money: 73 days and $529 since A.D.J 1 (after devil juice). I’ve probably spent that much or more on kombucha supplies, fancy sparkling water and the EVER-FUCKING NA BEER, but who cares? A bucks a buck.

Not be outdone by Millie’s amazing gourmet-ness, I have pledged to family members to perform TACO NITE tomorrow. Much like Costco it’s not sexy, but gets the job done.

Hope you all have fabu sobe weekends planned, or nothing planned, even better!


11 thoughts on “NA..Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? and My Sober Treat Is A Trip To Costco

  1. USB drives!!? they’d better have diamantes on them 🙂 chuffed to see I helped inspire your inner gourmet goddess. Watch out Nigella, Betty is coming through.

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      1. Hahahahahaa, best bedazzle your denim jacket too while you’re at it and hot glue some fringing along the arms. mmmm.. posting food pics, how revolutionary 🙂 I think I’d bore people to tears if I started posting food, could you imagine? here’s me in my new, sober life cooking gourmet dinners liek a stepford Millie. Gawd, even I’d want to poke my own self in the eye! hahaha

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  2. Bedazzler?! Sweet! Yes Millie sober food blogging is definitely a thing 😉 I buy myself a sober trinket every 10 days…and the sober cash really adds up– that was a unexpected surprise when I quit but not complainin’!!

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  3. USB drives as a treat. I don’t care if they have jewels or not. It is not a treat. :))) I got myself a Kate Spade bag. It was on sale. Huge sale. I promised if I can make it to the end of August, I will start using it. Otherwise back it goes.

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