Day 1 Without NA Beer and Rhubarb

Fortunately, the withdrawal symptoms are not as hairy with this. Spouse offered me one with my tacos and I almost took it, remembered my bowels, declined. So I tried the Dry sparkling beverage suggested by one of the Wendys and since the store didn’t have the lavender one, I had a rhubarb flavor. Very interesting. At first I was like, WTF is this?? But as I drank, it became strangely compelling. In a weird, rhubarb-y sort of way. I feel very ambivalent about the rhubarb. But it’s fun to say.


7 thoughts on “Day 1 Without NA Beer and Rhubarb

  1. mmmm… how very unusual,a rhubarb flavoured drink, I think it sounds like an acquired taste but once you acquired you HAD to have that darn rhubarb! might be nice with some fresh mint or a wedge of fresh lime?

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  2. It was this Wendy. 😉

    I haven’t seen the rhubarb one. (Rhubarb. Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb…yep, fun to say.) My store has cucumber, lavender, vanilla, and a couple of others. Haven’t tried them, yet, but might tomorrow. I’ll let you know.

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    1. Yes, Wendy P! Ginger probably. We tried the cuke, it was weird too. I also got some sparkling espresso. Wouldn’t recommend it:| So I am assuming you are also in the NW? They only sell Dry in OR/WA.


  3. I’m in Texas. I saw it at Tom Thumb, which is a Safeway/Von’s store . Maybe that’s why they have it?

    I probably won’t try the ginger. I’m a Fevertree ginger beer girl.

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      1. Well, we’ve had a cool front, so today it’s a chilly 98. The past two weeks have been around 106 for the daily high.


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