The Long Weekend and Big Hair Decisions

It’s still the weekend. STILLLLLL. THE. WEEKEND!!  And that is what I am loving today about being sober. Endless weekend!! BS, the weekend didn’t really start until Saturday afternoon because of wine chugging activities Friday night, followed by late sleeping Saturday. Then the next thing ya know, MONDAY.

So far this weekend I have cooked dinner, made appointment to get my hair cut, gone shopping, attended to flowers, cleaned bathroom sink drain, finished a page in my artsy coloring book, washed and styled Ridiculously Long Hair, had friend over for coffee (cleaned kitchen in anticipation of visit), gone antiquing with friend, gone out to breakfast, taken a 40 minute bike ride at a state park, and spent time blogging. And it’s 6pm on Saturday. ONLY 6:00!!!

I feel like I’ve been given the gift of time. And I gave it to MYSELF. (Thanks, me! You’re the best!) *kiss*

I feel the Big Hair byline may be misleading- I am not literally getting big hair (like biggo country hair or possibly Motley Crue concert hair- already rode that train in the 80’s. Raaaaaaaawk!!!) but rather have made the big decision to have my hair cut very short and colored very blond. For those of you following the saga of Ridiculously Long Hair, I hope this is not a disappointment (particularly TheBeerPortal who said “Noooo! Anachronistic hair foreva!!” in regards to the removal of my vaguely Edwardian Bun.)

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And now this one. I fear I am bordering on Hair Narcissism and don’t even know if that’s a THING. If I don’t so something about it, my hair may actually get up in the middle of the night, unbeknownst to a peacefully sleeping moi, and start typing out ITS OWN BLOG POST. I can imagine it mostly bitching about my own self, “She never takes me out!!”  With titles like, “Escaping the Bun- My 3 Years in Captivity” or possibly “Who Do You Have To Kill To Get A Little DYE Around Here??”.

It must be stopped before it decides to start a new life in Belgium. So it is written, so it shall be done. And for those of you who deemed my Costco trip un-treat-like (and I didn’t even talk about my set of colorful soup crocks!!), I shall consider this my treat: not only of cashola but of time (I’ll be “in the chair” upwards of 3 hours while the unwitting stylist tries to keep my hair from turning copper- good luck, babe!!)

In addition to the endless weekend, we are also having an endless summer here in the PN-Dub. We had a few cloudy/rainy days but it’s been warm since May, and sunny and beautiful. This is highly unusual in a place where summer generally begins on the 5th of July (after preceding night’s fireworks have been rained out) and everyone rushes to be sporty while the clock ticks down to September rain. Then of course there is a FRENZY of ultra-white gentlemen whipping off their shirts to gad about town. In fact, in 2011, we barely even HAD a summer (and Seattle only got 78 minutes.)

I was actually concerned in the beginning that it might be difficult to quit drinking in the summer, but now I am thinking this was the best possible time IN HISTORY (OF THE WORLD!!!!). I’m spending time outside, my farmer’s tan has met with my upper arms (almost seamlessly!!!) and I’m not molding on the couch kicking my own self in the ass because I’m too hungover to enjoy the fabulous summer days and hugging my box of Cab like a pillow. A square one.

So, yah, this sober deal is REALLY WORKING OUT FOR ME. I think I’ll keep doing it:) Time is on my side. LITERALLY.


5 thoughts on “The Long Weekend and Big Hair Decisions

  1. I agree. Weekends finally do what they are supposed to – be two long days to do my stuff. My stuff isn’t drinking anymore so there is so much time. It’s crazy how much time! You must post before & after pics of the hair.

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