The NA Beer Dilemma and Crap They Are Feeding Me

So after my last post Lori from A Rewarding Life asked me if I would have drank a beer had I not been on a quest for NA. Hmmm. So I thought about and I think the answer is no, but maybe more complicated than that. I have mentioned that my spouse is joining me in sobriety, but maybe in a looser sense of the world (as in “not getting wasted”). And that’s fine, he does not have the same habitual issue that I do, he was not drinking nightly and sometimes not at all. So for the most part he’s perfectly happy to drink NA with me and go down to the bar and have a few beers with a friend every few weeks. Really not an issue. Would I have chosen to get beer had he not been with me and suggested it? No, I would not. Would he have cared if I said, no I’m going to drink it? Definitely not. But the point of not putting yourself in the position of “temptation” is very good food for thought. So I’m chewing on it!  Which segues nicely into….

In other news my class was more enjoyable today, still a long day but but lively conversation and very good geeky techno-shit that I dig. Who gets excited about a telecom standards manual that costs $1200?? ME! The problem (and if you’ve attended a hosted professional class you’ll know what I mean) is that they give us food. What’s wrong with that, you ungrateful wretch?? you may be asking. It’s a carb-loaded sugar and lard buffet!! Scones, muffins, pastries, fruit, coffee (good coffee!! with cream!), delicious candy-colored Jones real sugar sodas, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (OMG!!), BROWNIES. The people who are from out of state had a hey-day with the brownies (in regards to the legal status of marijuana in Oregon. I tried them once or twice, ended up in a quivering ball under my covers for 8 hours– no thank ya!!). And I have to eat it ALL because I’m stuck in that room all day and it’s callllling to meeeee… Oh we have to GO OUT TO LUNCH every day, today it was Thai and I ate my weight in coconut milk curry. I know, first world problems, Betty-kins.

So I’m smoking my supper. hahahah!  (Quit date is Sept 1, have quit-buddy on board for this). Looking for quit suggestions for those who have had success. Got feedback about the patch, and vapes. Any others?? I’m hoping it will start raining like crazy (or rather, like usual) so I won’t even want to be outside, but it’s not looking likely any time soon.


11 thoughts on “The NA Beer Dilemma and Crap They Are Feeding Me

  1. I was wary of NA beer in the beginning, afraid it would lead to “something stronger”, but, I like beer, and the NA stuff gives me the beer taste (an acquired taste I know 😉 ) but without that “feeling…It’s quite a chore to find a good selection of the stuff in my area, and just standing in the beer/wine section of the store looking for it can be quite “triggery” for me. I’ve made it a point to have it on hand at home, so I don’t have to make a quick dash out to buy any, which could lead to a bad decision, and made an mental note of where it’s located in the store, so I can go straight to it and get the hell out of beer land! Can’t help you on the smoking front, I guess I never smoked enough when I was younger to get really hooked, I just went for the booze instead!

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    1. I think that’s a fair assessment, that you find in yourself in the Aisle of Lost Souls while purchasing it. I wasn’t much of a beer drinker in the past, so no big for me. But I have to walk past the wine to get my cheese!! Haven’t stopped in that section yet. 🙂


  2. Ha ha, I needed clarification about the brownies too. I drink NA beer, AND NA wine. (The white is quite good, the red is terrible). Luckily, no alcohol in grocery stores up here, so I can get my fake beer and wine “sans temptation”. Sorry, can’t help with cigarettes. In the UK (where I’m from) they call cigarettes ‘fags”….so technically you are smoking fags….if that helps to put you off. 🙂

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    1. Yes, I now realize the brownie thing was ill-worded:) I’m a-feared that the NA Wine will make me want actual wine. And I don’t really like white wine anyway (NOT that I wouldn’t have guzzled a whole bottle in the absence of red, can’t be rude). Hhahahaah! yes, fags, omg… My friend went to England and overheard a local woman saying she was “popping outside for a stinky”. She looked at other friend and said, “is she going outside to fart??” hhhahahah!! It’s funny, alcohol-related diseases and accidents kill TONS of people but smokers are just the lowest rung on the ladder. SCUMMMM!!! Fortunately, I’m a closet smoker so I suffer no wrath.


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