I Find Wine-y Conversations Boring

I was at the state fair yesterday to support a friend who was in a cooking competition (spoiler alert: she won!! She gets to travel to Florida in November to compete in a nationwide contest). While waiting for the judging, she told me about this product line that makes bottled olive juice for martinis! And I’m afraid I snapped at her (sorry!) I said, well if I start drinking again I’ll pick some up. And she just blinked. And I felt bad and said, I can probably put some in my NA beer and make a beer-tini (that’s a thing, you should try it!) Then the conversation turned to the fact that she hadn’t seen “Julie and Julia”, which is odd because she’s a great cook, and she said something about having been busy with her wine.

Then it was “wine talk”. Hhahah, wine! Gotta have my wine, I do THIS with my wine, and THAT. And you can drink WINE while watching the movie…etc, etc. Yawn. Not that my friend is boring, she’s lovely. It’s just that same conversation, that wine chant, the booze litany, the one that used to come out of my mouth as well. The one that says, “We all do it! This is how we do it!”

So this is good. Because it wasn’t triggering, it was merely boooooring. Facebook posts with pictures of the wine-bulance, and the wine-holder for the shower? Tedious. Food52 posts about “10 Summer Cocktails You MUST Serve!!”…meh.

It’s all so pointless. So OBSESSIVELY pointless. And dreary. And dull. And I’m over it.

BUT!! I must not get carried away with “sober&smug”. I have to treat sobriety like religion and politics, with tact and diplomacy and big glass of “shut the hell up”.

Because I could get all fancy and dance-y on my soap box (balanced precariously atop my high horse) and fall all the way to the pavement with a splat. I could. I’m not planning on it. But it’s happened before.

So I need some grace here. Working on that.


10 thoughts on “I Find Wine-y Conversations Boring

  1. haha–too funny, and i definitely understand about facebook, i start to wonder if all these people ever do is drink! “at the restaurant, dinner and beer!” and “at the races, here we are, having a beer!” and “can’t wait until tonight, it’s friday and i’m going out and having a beer!” Holy cow people, i’m going to start buying stock in the beer companies LOL (p.s. i MIGHT be ultra sensitive right now 😉
    have to keep steady seat on our high horses, for sure(:

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  2. I feel ya. So freaking boring. We were hanging out with friends a few weeks back, and I was worried that I was referencing not drinking too much. But, after the 10th reference to drinking in their stories, I thought fuck it.

    I’ve had the, “well, if I ever start drinking again” comment on the tip of my tongue so many times.

    My horse is tap-dancing on our box. I’m wearing a sparkly tutu.

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  3. I think it’s a good line! I’m pretty sure we’ve all TOLD these people. Several of my friends at work are not taking me seriously yet. Whatevs. Oooh, your horse sounds delightful and talented!!


  4. Ooh, I like the comparisons to religion and politics. Sure, drinkers are entitled to their oblivious glorifications and some never see how it hurts or bothers newly ex-drinkers. That’s on them, not us, and it sounds to me like you’re already handling it with wisdom and grace.

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