Uno Mas!! Another Day 1 Looms

Not booze, no worries, I’m done with that shit. On Tuesday, Sept 1, I am quitting smoking.

My first few sober days were virtually smokeless as I mostly avoided the “scene of the crime”, ei, my balcony. I figured, why would want to smoke while I’m not drinking? After all, drinking is what started me smoking again. But alas, I found comfort in the little cancerous devils as I struggled with dissipating my other habit.

So now that “the big one” is out of the way, I shall tackle this smaller one.

I have done this before, and it was weirdly easy. Because I flipped my head around to see that it was a gift and not a curse. I’m not sure how easy it will be this time but why does everything need to be easy? Some things are a challenge, and I like a challenge. I mean challenge like, “Oh, you think I can’t?? Fuh-Q!”  The Tobacco Industrial Complex wants you to believe that quitting is SO HARD TO DO, harder than quitting heroin (what a bunch of crap). Who came up with that shit? I believe that’s why the tobacco industry sponsors quit-smoking programs, to make you think that the only way to do it is with nicotine replacements and medical intervention. But that’s bullshit. There are no physical withdrawal symptoms from smoking other than your stupid lizard brain telling you “we need this!!” I know this for a fact.

I’m smoking right now, by the way. Oh yes, that’s why it’s taking me so long to type. I bought 2 packs last night for the weekend because, like drinking, there’s no way to moderate. You smoke or you don’t. You drink or you don’t. You’re pregnant or you’re not. It’s a 1 or a 0, no in-betweens here. (I’m not pregnant, so no risk to hypothetical baby.)

It is obvious to me that I have replaced drinking with smoking, another thing I do on my balcony. I’m spending far too much time NOT GETTING SHIT DONE. It stinks. I stink. I’m tired of stinking. I’m tired of coughing.I look old as hell. It has to go. Frankly, I’m relieved. I feel like I’m getting out of prison in a few days.

What’s in my quit kit?? Good question! I did briefly consider a patch, but I feel like that’s just drawing it out. So as I was surfing Amazon last night, I came across several referenced to lobelia, which apparently reduces your cravings. I also have kava and valerian root, and many other relaxing teas. I’ve had a long history with herbs (at one point I was quite the witch doctor) so I’m not afraid of foul tasting beverages. What could be more disgusting than a cigarette? Mostly I’m going to just suck it up. Worked with the wine (actually, not-sucking-it-up was the trick for the wine- haha!)


15 thoughts on “Uno Mas!! Another Day 1 Looms

  1. I quit smoking 5 months into sobriety. At times it is harder because it’s still “acceptable” for me to smoke ( my entire family does and most of my AA friends do!) I just wanted to say good luck and I learned to apply the same steps with smoking as I did drinking. I don’t regret it but would be lying if I claimed it was super easy or that I didn’t think about smoking on a pretty regular basis. Especially when I’m driving and it’s good weather- that’s a huge trigger for me. LOL Nov 15 will be 3 years smoke free! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, KimiAnne! I have noticed a lot of people in AA smoke and guzzle caffeine. Do you what you have to do, but I don’t think I have to. And you don’t either! I appreciate the support, I’m going to need iit.

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  2. Like usual, I say do what feels right for you, and if it really d
    Sends you into deprivation Mode then reconsider.
    Sobriety is hard on its own. Don’t risk it.

    I expect you will do great. Won’t give up coffee too just yet.

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    1. Deprivation is the wrong way to look at it, Anne. Unless you consider that right now I am depriving myself of clean air! haha! I don’t feel deprived of alcohol, I just feel free. Smoking is the same. Thanks for your concern:) And you will pry my coffee from my cold dead hands!!


  3. My hubby quit that same way, initially wore a patch then said ” IVE GOT THIS ! ” and sure enough , he did !
    He told me when he saw others smoking he said to himself in a disdainful & haughty way
    ” Smokers !!!! ”
    He did it though , I think he’s almost five years smoke free !
    I’m sure you can do it , you’ve done it before !
    Go you !

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  4. How’s it going? It sounds like you decided to quit in the middle of a super stressful (or at least busy) time. You can do it! And just like booze for me, if the first attempt at quitting doesn’t work, try try again! ❤

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  5. If your herbal whatevers work if the person doesn’t know they’re taking them, I could smuggle them into DB’s tea (although coffee would probably cover the taste better..) while he isn’t looking…….


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