Thinning the Hoard and a Bit of Bad News

Welllll, it’s been quite a week here. The awkwardness of having people you don’t know very well in your home is still, well, awkward. I’m happy to report that the kids (I call them kids, they’re 32 and 43) are quiet and respectful and fairly ninja about getting the dishes cleaned up.

Directly after they arrived we got some bad news that has put a bit of a wad in our respective panties. No worries, no one’s dead, just some adjustments to be made and it will probably turn out to be more of an OPPORTUNITY TO EXCEL. So we’ll be fine. However the timing was shit, it was rather stressful in the moment and the quit-plan, er..rescheduled. For next week, but still. Oh well.

I did have a brief thought about busting into a box o’wine, yes I did. For about 10 minutes I considered it. But then I knew- it wasn’t going to change anything, and I really didn’t think it would make me feel BETTER. Sometimes you just have to ride it out and know it will pass. And it did, can’t keep me down for long (try it!!)

Once again, with everything going on I can’t help but feel relieved that I am no longer swilling the Devil Juice.

In other news, I have finally been assimilated by the KonMari organizational method. I got sucked in by the hype, I bought the book. If you haven’t read the book or perhaps haven’t lived on this planet recently, it’s the idea that you should only surround yourself with objects you love. In order to achieve this, one must undertake a Hoarders-style cleansing of one’s precious and enumerate things. Short of ordering the “Got Junk?” truck, or similar dumping receptacle, one must have billions of large black yard bags on hand to fill with demoted articles. I have purchased such. The way that you determine what stays and what goes is to begin “de-cluttering” by category in which you, for instance, take every shoe you own and pile it on your floor, then commune with each pair in an effort to decide if you love it enough to keep it, or just really wish it would get a job and move out.

So we began last night, I did start with shoes and purses and spouse cleaned out his closet cubby and his nightstand (don’t ask). Now then, I have not actually finished the book yet, so I have a feeling we may not have been doing everything properly and the Chi flow may be off. But! We asked ourselves (as one is pressed to do by this little OCD firecracker who wrote the book)- does this spark joy? Which is an awesome way to throw stuff away, because about 90% of my crap DOES NOT. We got a little stumped when we came across the tube of cortisone because itch cream isn’t super joyful..but then I was like, hey! if we have an itchy spider bite and we put it ON OURSELVES there will surely be joy. So it was filed appropriately. You get the idea.

So when I took my daughter school shopping today I asked myself, as I tried on various deeply discounted garments, “Does it look fabulous?? Is it flattering? Will you wear it?”. This is not new, I used to do this in past before my wardrobe degraded into black jeans and t-shirts. Somehow that got lost in,” This will cover my body sufficiently and doesn’t make me look to fat and is the price of a meal at Taco Bell.” And it’s easy to spot that bleh feeling when you start re-examining those sad items.

So! Tidying continues (KonMari gives you six months to clean out your whole life) and when I have some House Beautiful-worthy areas I will post them on Hammer Down. Next up, clothing. So if you happen to be driving by my house in the next few days I can offer you a SMOKIN’ DEAL on 8,000 slightly used t-shirts.


25 thoughts on “Thinning the Hoard and a Bit of Bad News

  1. Isn’t there something relieving about only keeping things that bring joy?!?
    My closet is practically empty, but I would willingly wear everything left.

    I used the folding method too, and it is very useful.

    I suppose I need to move on to the rest of the house one day…

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  2. Every time I finish the book I start over. I am on my 4th read. One thing I noticed was my lack of black now. Pre drinking & pre-KonMari I was all black. Now my clothes are bright. It wasn’t intentional, but it’s very telling of my new happy place. I have many KonMari blog posts! When I do the next tidying piece I always get the body detox. It is a fascinating process and a real healing part of my recovery self-care.
    Congrats on thinking through the drink. It is still a daily process for me. My relapse go-to is ice cream instead of cigarettes. And I went from sugar pop to diet. So now I binge on Fresca & Breyers. Lori

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    1. Ooh, blog! I’m on it! I switched to bright colors after 15 years of olive drab. I’m a “spring” if you please, I dress like a flower garden:)
      I just the read the part last night about thanking your items for their service and setting them free. There is some shame, I think, in acquiring more things than I can or want to use and then throwing them away. So learning to let go absolutely is a process that carries through to all parts of life and self.
      I can’t eat a lot of ice cream (a bit of a dairy intolerance) but I love it when I eat it! My fave treat is no-sugar added Fudgicles.


  3. So glad you didn’t give in to the wine 😀 And if you have to reschedule the quit date, so be it. I’ve been dealing with the clutter/de-clutter anxiety myself lately. Haven’t read the book yet but I understand the concept. I have banished myself from buying any new clothes until I get rid of half of the (black!) items in my closet now!

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    1. Never!! For some reason the booze was way easier to quit than the cigs. Probably because the cigs have always (with the exception of the 4 years I had quit) been with me, ya know, THERE for me, if you will:))
      Black has it’s place in our wardrobes but not the starring role! We are not ninjas:)

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  4. everytime we go to clean out the areas that are cluttered, it gets overwhelming at all the work we will have to do just to get rid of the crap hiding in the closet, we just close the door and say the kids can deal with it when were gone…LOL honestly we are trying, but I want to hire some kids and I will sit back and give orders, but I guess that is not what its about…LOL good job….I need to try a little harder…love your post…


    1. Nooooo! Don’t leave the “hoard” to the kids to deal with, do you want them to be on TLC Network?? hahaha! Seriously, I’m starting with my bedroom closet, which is very densely packed with 3.5 years of crap. This book is MAGICALLY inspirational.


  5. I need the book, too!
    I have 4 closets full of clothes that I wear once a year!
    Now that I don’t teach, I don’t need all my school marm clothes.

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  6. Proud of you for not opening that wine. Great choice.
    I love de-cluttering. In fact I de-cluttered my closet, reducing my whole wardrobe to fifty pieces (coats are not included in the count.) Loving it so far. So simple and functional. And so much space!

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