NOT Being Taken Seriously here, Man and also I Did A THING Tonight

Holy shit!! It’s been 11 days since I posted because clearly I’m a big fat sober SLACKER now.

Soooo, smoke-wise I’m on Quit3.0, and it’s going really well. I finally just read “the book”: Allan Carr’s EASYWAY To Quit Smoking (the book, the holy boooooook *Gregorian chanting*) and it stuck. As it does. If you want to quit smoking alls you gotta do is get the book.

Regarding sharing my sober status, I have to admit that I am not being taken seriously. Seriously. And it’s starting to piss me off. Well, not really. But it is somewhat vexing. Everyone’s all, “yah, I gotta lose weight too…”  or some other completely non-commital bullshit. One of my friends has high blood pressure and she drinks just like I used to, but recently she started losing weight her blood pressure was leveling out and she was feeling better. So I asked her if she cut down on the wine and she sort of evaded my question several times– she HAS been cutting back quite a bit on the wine but it was like she refused to admit that the wine reduction was IN ANY WAY contributing to her better health. Whuuut??? She’s all, “yah, that, and I’ve been working out….eating (whatever she’s been eating, I wasn’t listening because HELLO!! You cut out wine– mostly– and you feel better and won’t cop to it!) this and that…”

Now I understand why my friend C. didn’t go into a lot of detail when she first told me she was sober (about 3 years ago). Because she already knew first hand that NO ONE ACTUALLY BELIEVES YOU. Or wants to. Same thing. It’s like a shade drops down in front of their faces– give up wine TOTALLY?? Not an option and furthermore what a FILTHY SUGGESTION.  Let’s pretend it’s NOT A BIG DEAL FOR YOU so I will not have to think about this at all and then wonder if I’m an actual alcoholic later tonight.

None of this really matters. I’m sober whether they believe or not, whether they drink or not, whether they get it or not. So I’ll just have to Let It Go.

Now, for the THING I DID. It’s not the thing itself (it was actually prepping tomatoes for canning). But that I did it after work. Right. After. Work.


Okay, listen!!! All I did for 2-3 years straight is come home and hit the patio with my wine. Then after I quit doing that, I hit the patio for Smoke If Ya Got ‘Em. Today, I just got up and did A Thing. There was nothing stopping me from doing The Thing, nothing distracting my attention from said Thing. And that is COMPLETELY AMAZING.

Okay now that I’ve blown everyone’s MIND, I’ll leave you with this:


Picture of my super neat drawer with “filed” clothing rectangles.


15 thoughts on “NOT Being Taken Seriously here, Man and also I Did A THING Tonight

  1. At least you got a reaction, I told one person and I mean one as in the ONLY person I told and she said ” good for you” in a sort of non sincere way and I have yet to hear from her again! too much to handle clearly. Ooohhh that drawer looks amazing! I’d be not wanting to wear anything in there for fear of messing it up.. like when my husband uses the towels hanging on the bathroom rail and I scream at him because ” they’re the display towels! the ones we use are behind the door” hahahahaha. I wonder why he looks at me like I’m mad sometimes 🙂

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  2. Hahahhaha!! DISPLAY TOWELS, for crying out loud, what are you a CAVE MAN?? I got a semi-reaction, no one really wants to talk about it unless they are not actually a drunk themselves. hahah!
    I’m loving the clothes “filing”, it’s actually super easy to put everything back, you just re-file it.

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  3. I love my drawers too! I gave up on display towels when they got dusty. I’m not dusting towels! I get that reaction from friends too. The disinterest. I think it’s me though. I tend to want to talk about a topic to death. My shut up button is broke. I don’t think they are not wanting to NOT talk about my not drinking, they just know I will go there. Three hours of repeating the story and analyzing it to death. What!? You mean that’s called blogging!? 🙂 Lori

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    1. Possibly, but generally when someone gives you information like that you at least ask, really? What’s that about? And don’t just pretend I didn’t say anything. People who don’t drink always listen. Drinkers are like, LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU.


  4. Now THAT’S an awesome “Thing” you did there 😉 I’m like Millie I wouldn’t want to mess it up! I sooooooo know what you mean about not taken seriously, I really think that no one wants to hear about it–that’s the reason I hang out here in sober-blog land so much!

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  5. My fold my hubs undies and socks that way!
    It’s very cool!
    I haven’t read the book yet about how to get rid of my boring clothes!
    Or something like that.
    I didn’t do ANYTHING tonight.
    Well, went for a walk with hubs.

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  6. My mind is officially blown. Firstly by anyone who has “display towels” – I am so impressed….in the same way that I am impressed by anyone who has coordinating Christmas decorations. Which I have always wanted. And secondly by the filed clothes. It would never work in my house. And I totally get it – it’s sooooo satisfying to do a Thing. Awesome 🙂

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