Redecorating For The New Mellow

It’s gone! The bar, I mean. The little bar I’ve had in my house since the Drink Train left the station, tooot tooooooot!! It was perched in the very small spot to the left of the exposed fridge and I ordered it SPECIFICALLY to fit that spot. I was actually not really looking for a bar, just a storage unit to fit that area (3 feet by 15 inches) and this guy came in at about $100 and arrived via It turned out to be very convenient in a rather sinister way.

Old Evil Drinky Bar:(

Here it is awaiting re-homing in the garage.

It has been replaced by this little number from an exclusive and upscale furnishing establishment (aka IKEA) which happens to be the exact size and shape of the area I need to fill.

Shiny New Completely Sober Ikea Hutch

Yes, I still have my bar ware. Let me tell you about this: last time I quit drinking I shit-canned every single vessel I owned that might someday hold an alcoholic beverage. I considered doing this again, however, a) most of my stuff is really nice (antique, etc) and 2) I’m getting ready to start NA cocktail season. That’s right, I am taking on the challenge of creating delicious non-hammering bevs. I figure that the fruity-tooty cocktails have no detectable taste of alcohol ANYWAY, so I doubt anyone will notice.

Something interesting happened while I was preparing the area for the new hutch. There was a huge “wine spot” on the floor, right in the spot where I used to dispense my box. I swear it was like cleaning up a crime scene, I nearly went for the Luminol. You couldn’t really see it on the dark wood floors but it was there, visceral and real. It kind of freaked me out. But, unlike on the Forensic Files, this mess cleaned up easily with a Clorox wipe:)


That means something else– I’m almost ready to start entertaining again. People. In my house. Humans, probably. I’m doing it. It’s happening.

In other news, Quit3.0 is, so far, a smashing success. Have not smoked for 15 days. Thinking about it? Oh yes. Doing it? Not right now.

So I’ll leave you with my Blood Moon pic, that I somehow managed to get among 15 blurry ones.

Blood Moon

19 thoughts on “Redecorating For The New Mellow

  1. Beautiful moon.
    I like the sober style much better.

    I kept saying most of my glassware. I occasionally drink a mock tail, but I admit my go to drink is coffee with lots of real cream. Mmmmm

    Otherwise I drink water. I’m boring!!

    Maybe you will inspire me to try something new if you share you attempts!

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  2. Oh, not me!
    I am not a sweet drinker!
    I love my stemware, and when we go out, I always ask for anything I order in a “pretty” glass.
    I hate water in a boring water glass!
    We turned our bar into a book bar!
    It’s built in the lower level, and it works great!
    Way to go on not smoking!

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  3. That looks great! and I think mocktails must be served in special glasses – shaken not stirred 🙂 yeah, the wine stain, stark reminder of a past life. Massive congrats on 15 days sans the stinkies, huge achievement. From here the old booze cabinet looks like it could serve as desk/computer table? might be the wrong height though or you could put some clear outdoor stain on it and have it as pretty potted plants/her stand?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely! Whilst drinking all I could think is “I don’t want all those people in my house!” Hahah! Thank you! I’m coming up on 3 weeks, so magic day 21 is tomorrow. I’ve thought about it a few times but the gag-factor usually stops me. And now that I’m not drinking, there will be no chance of accidental drinky-smoking.

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