Kisses! Just wanted to take a mo to tell all you blogger-people how much I appreciate you! Not only leaving me comments (which I need and love, your suggestions and insights are priceless) but just writing, helping other people, putting it out there, keeping it realz. Just knowing you exist sometimes keeps me going, and knowing I’ll have to confess if I fuck up keeps me in line when I get FOOL NOTIONS in my head.

Sometimes I read a phrase or an idea or just a word someone wrote in a post or a comment and the little hamster in my brain jumps on the wheel and generates power for the light bulb to flick on. FRICKING EUREKA. Really, you just never know whether your words are going be THE WORDS for someone, the thing that clicks in, the puzzle piece that’s been missing.

So consider all yourselves hugged by me today (yes, we’re hugging, it’s happening, stop backing away) and thanks again for showing up:)


10 thoughts on “Mmmmmmmwahhhhh!!

  1. No! Thank YOU! It’s amazing how people I don’t really know, or even converse with that much give me so much strength. I know none of my normie (first time I’ve used that!) friends would get it. But I honestly don’t think I would be here sober right now if it weren’t for all of you ❤

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