Cheap NA, Canned Cheese and Thou


This was dinner tonight. I added the celery so it would be somewhat healthy and  balanced but I’m not sure how I did. BTW, I hid the canned cheese in my bedroom afterwards. I’m thinking about it now. Yes, that is a SECOND CAN of NA. I know, I’m going a little crazy tonight. What you don’t see is the 8 lbs of halloween candy I already ate. We bought the big bag at Costco and frankly we’re now hoping for rain because we’re not sure we have enough to give out.

Tomorrow I’m going to the gym to sweat for 45 minutes so I can burn off 3 pieces of candy (out of like 30). Hope everyone is having a nice weekend and going to have fun at the punkin patch, or taking the kids trick-or-treating, or going to a halloween party, or giving out candy, or just shutting their lights off and flipping the bird at the door when the kids knock anyway, or possibly shouting “get off my lawn!!”

ALSO!!! I had a random wine-y thought at work today! I was dog-ass tired from the excessive of amount of movement I’ve had to do all week (plus one really long day of traveling) and I was walking down the hallway for the millionth time today and I saw a wine glass dance through my head. Because before I quit, I would drink when I was dog-ass tired, which is really kind of dumb. But that’s what I did, I’d have a long really physical day and would just want to slump into my Ikea chair on the patio and drink not talk to anyone. I would be too tired to DO ANYTHING BUT DRINK. AND THAT IS REALLY STUPID.

Anyway, it was brief (the intrusive and presumptuous wine-thought) and I HUMILIATED that stupid thought with a stern “as IF!”  So instead I went grocery shopping. Yes, I was still dog-ass tired but I needed groceries for my step-daughter’s birthday party tomorrow. Turns out dog-ass tired somehow gets you a can of cheese. And SUPER cheap NA beer. Bee Tee Dub– I am NOT serving alcohol at this party. Fuck ’em if they don’t like my Old Milwaukee (we also have Coors NA for the more discerning palate). I am also serving off-brand soda pop. Hahahah! I don’t know why I do that, I buy $6 4-packs of fancy ginger ale but it’s SHASTA for my guests.

Now I’m in my bedroom cocoon with my electric fireplace blazing away (or rather performing a graphical facsimile of such)  and I will be going to sleep soon because that is what you’re supposed to do when you’re dog-ass tired.


18 thoughts on “Cheap NA, Canned Cheese and Thou

  1. Have not seen Coors NA in my part of the world, but I have had to go on some adventures to find NA selections around here. Yes, shopping while dog-ass tired can be very tricky and tempting–Shasta, can cheese and Old Milwaukee beats wine ANY DAY!

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    1. The NA is a bit hard to find in some areas. I think it must be getting popular because I’m just starting to see more choices in more stores. I always get excited when I find something new!


      1. Yes, they are a topping delivery system. Squirting the canned cheese directly into one’s mouth is considered bad form. However you would be surprised at how much I can get on a pecan.


  2. We went to the store after shopping today, and we got crackers, cheese (real fancy stuff), apple pie, pumpkin cookies, and more KitKats!! (Yes, I ate more…but so did hubs!)
    I think the cold hibernation time is setting in!!!
    Happy Halloween!!!

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  3. Cheese in a can. Ha! Cheese in a can! I’ve eaten a lot of powdered cheese and squeezed tube cheese but I’ve never had cheese in a can. I know your post isn’t really about this yet for right now I can’t get past this revelation. I think it sounds disgusting yet know I would probably eat it all happily in one go….
    I feel sick from too many Halloween sweets.
    I shall reply properly tomorrow… If I am not in a sugar coma… But na beer and cheese in a can – yes. Way better than beer and hangover. Always. Embrace the cheese! X

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