Happy TG, There’s A Frosty Coors Out In The Cooler!

Well good evening! Hoping all you ‘Mericans had a lovely Thanksgiving Day with family (or not with family if indeed that’s what made it lovely. NO ONE’S JUDGING.) And for those of you fabulous humans elsewhere, well, I hope you had a nice Thursday:)

Thanksgiving is kind of known as a drinky holiday, probably more so than Christmas (now then Christmas Eve….definitely drinky.)  Many TG Days are punctuated with sports-watching and booze-guzzling and snack-packing, followed by wholesale PIGGING THE HELL OUT. Gastronomically, it’s a FAIRLY PROBLEMATIC day.

I’m the family member who usually shows up with the booze, so A) I can make sure I get to drink what I like and B) I can make sure I have ENOUGH of whatever that is. Generally, I kick the festivities off with a mimosa (mine always included a shot of orange liqueur because the alcoholic content of champagne is not nearly enough for me.)

This year of course I’m kicking off the Super Sober Holiday Season and so I had my appropriately festive bottle of sparkling white grape juice and my fancy schmancy pomegranate molasses to give it a nice twist. Sadly, no takers. My MIL brought a bottle of weird-looking rose wine and she and my SIL drank it. My FIL, after realizing that the last occasion we hosted offered only NA beer, came armed with his own cooler full of light beer– which he kept out in the car and trotted out to get every so often. So I ended up drinking the whole bottle of sparkling juice to my head. Hahahaha! Which, ironically, really wouldn’t have bothered me in the past. I have no idea how much sugar is in that juice but I’m PRETTY JACKED UP.


Anyhoo, here are some things I really dig about a sober holiday:

  1. Was able to get started this morning without a hangover
  2. Was not drunk before all quests arrived (as opposed to years past where I opened the wine about 1pm to “motivate me” in my cooking)
  3. Did not have to race to clean everything (including but not limited to: plates people were still eating from) in order to be able to sit down and get my drink on without having to worry about dishes.
  4. Did not cackle.
  5. Was able to focus on conversation.
  6. I’m still awake and it’s AFTER 10pm.
  7. I won’t be hungover tomorrow or at any time during my long weekend.

And I get to do several more of them!! Yay!

Last year, about this time, I was deciding that I was quitting drinking and smoking as of January 1, 2015. That time it lasted 2 days before I gave up and said, “Not now, I’m not ready.” Prior to that, I’d attempted sobriety 2 or 3 other times, but only for a few days before BRAVELY CONTINUING.

I gave it another go around March 2015, got about 5 days in then went to a beach house for a crabbing weekend with Super Drinky Friends. So my sober stretch went into the shitter. I knew I’d be revisiting it.

It took me until June 1 2015 to really be ready to do it. When I was ready, I was ready. And that’s how it happened for me.

You never know when it’s going to click. And I mean CLICK. Like an audible click in your head. Or a bell. Or a shining light bulb. Or the clouds parting and the angels singing. That moment when we say to ourselves: I cannot drink at all. AND THAT’S OKAY.

So if you’re out there and you’re planning on a New Year’s resolution to quit drinking (because today YOU had the whole bottle and it wasn’t grape juice)  THAT’S AWESOME. If it doesn’t work the first 1-10 times you try THAT’S ALSO AWESOME. It’s about the starting and the wanting. One of those times it’s going to click. So keep trying and keep writing.

I do believe there is ooooone more piece of chocolate pie…it’s just a small one..if you’ll excuse me…






14 thoughts on “Happy TG, There’s A Frosty Coors Out In The Cooler!

    1. I do both, it’s not attractive. No shit, Black Friday in Canada? I did not know that. Yah, they’ve probably been up all night drinking, you know, “going around the horn”, to get to Walmart at 3am and duke it out over a $99 iPod. hahah!


  1. Hi Betty!
    I had French Silk pie and pecan pie!
    They were yummy!
    No one ever takes my AF drinks either.
    My friends take a sip and then politely decline anymore!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hullo, Wendy! I lurrrrve pecan pie! Maybe I’ll take a crack at making one for xmas. No takers for you either, huh? Well, I just picked up two sparkling beverages- a cherry and a pear. Non-sober people will be MISSING OUT on xmas, I say.

      Liked by 1 person

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