6 Months, A Birthday, and Of Course Pizza

Yesterday, according to my sober app and also my own sketchy bookkeeping, is 6 months sober for moi. This is an exciting milestone for several reasons:

  1. My sober app has been sweating me out for 3 months since my last reward- was expecting one for 4 months- but no. I guess my next one isn’t for 6 more months so I’d better WRING A BUNCH OF JOY out of this 6 month deal.
  2. I have navigated 4 seasons as a Super Sober Lady (technically only spring, summer and fall, but it feels like winter now so I’m calling it.)
  3. I have gotten more accomplished (projects, tasks, activities) in the last 6 months that in the preceding 2 years.
  4. I have completed two sober vacations.
  5. My sobriety has given me the fortitude to give my tenants notice and sell my rental home.
  6. My kitchen remodel is almost completely finished.
  7. My clothes have become tiny, rectangular, file-able packets of joy per the de-cluttering episode.
  8. I make plans and meet up with other humans.
  9. I’m present- wherever I go, there I am.
  10. It would have been nice to have 10 things but I really couldn’t come up with another one. Sorry.
  11. Oh wait, I do have another one- I decorated for the holidays for the first time in about 5 years. Actually WENT OUTSIDE and put lights on my house.

So yah, six months and it’s still going pretty well. And of all of this leads me up to:


Yes. It’s very exiting. This weekend I am GETTING A LITTLE BIT OLDER. Last year I met some friends at a restaurant for happy hour, managed to drink only one glass of wine (because I was driving) and was home by 7 to “finish drinking”, drank a box-portion (no idea how much it was) . But this year I felt like I wanted to do something really fun. So we’re going to the pizza joint down the street where they have shiny noisy arcade games (the kind that give you tickets so you can pick out crap at the Crap Counter, like a giant fake ring or a neon key chain or possibly something printed with camo).

Also, one of my awesome friends mentioned a picture of me taken on my birthday last year– whoa! BIG DIFF from then til now. So I will be doing a “before and after” photo post.

Wait wait! Holy shit, I forgot the most important thing: I finally put those fricking IKEA BILLY BOOKCASES together. The same Billys that have been lurking un-assembled in my basement for  2 1/2 years. Check it out at Hammer Down DIY🙂



26 thoughts on “6 Months, A Birthday, and Of Course Pizza

  1. there’s no “I love this post” button!!!! massive congrats amazing lady! you’d better make some super fancy mocktails for yourself – actually forget that, it’ s your birthday…get someone else to make you drinks.

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  2. I love number eight…I still catch myself saying to my wife, “Do I really have to interact with other humans today?” It’s kind of a joke–and I’m much better about it than when I was drinking–but there’s still truth to it. Also, number three. Who knew who much we could get done sober? Happy sober birthday to ya.

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      1. I was very much a solo drinker with bottles stashed in multiple places. Gah, I don’t think I’m ready for people to come over yet. I still find myself retreating to the kitchen when I get stressed out, but instead of chugging wine or taking a shot, I make some coffee or clean. I still need that separation from others to calm myself down, but again, it’s all much better since I quit drinking.

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    1. Yes, two! The first one was with the kids during the summer and I was still smoking and drinking SHITLOADS of NA beer. And then my anniversary trip to the Oregon coast in October, that was “goodie two-shoes” style (don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do ya do). Thank you!


  3. Damn woman! You sound incredibly awesome. I am full of envy. Good envy, you know. Proud of you. Especially amazed by two sober vacations! Congrats on 6 sober months!
    Happy Birthday! Stay strong and funny and amazing.
    P.S. What app are you using? I think I want it.


  4. Thank you TATB! I’m proud of you for hanging in there!! I’m using Sober Tools, it gives you scary little AA messages as explained in one of my posts, but it calculates the days sober and the money you had not spent on alcohol (actually its multi-addiction friendly!)

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    1. I don’t know but that happens to me too, like they pop up in between the posts I’ve already read?? Anyhoo, yes, let’s ignore WA, it’s really full of itself anyway. Thank you, fellow PNW-er. I do actually like Fairy Ring better, even if it’s not as funny as satanic ritual jokes. You should come to my party, it’s like a quick 8 hour drive. Neighbor! 🙂


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