…And The River Don’t Rise…

Ridiculous amounts of rain going on here, sucking my ambition, forcing me to eat candy and stay home from the gym. Baaaad rain. Naughty rain. So I’m on the couch doing a wrap up for the week.


My rental house had/has water in the basement from the 12 inches of rain we’ve gotten in the last week or so. The sump pump is working properly and sucking water up and out into the sewer pipe. The creek which runs a block or so behind house is 6″ away from flood stage. Now then, I have flood insurance (mandatory) that would pay for a new furnace, flooring, walls, etc. but only in the event of “rising waters”. So water seeping through the foundation is just a nuisance, but “rising waters” gets me new sheetrock and laundry room. So I can go either way.


I made a cherry-peach cobbler for my work Christmas party and it was a big hit. I sort of forced people to try it and demanded “feedback”. I’m sure they were completely honest to my face.


I’m not REMOTELY done. Apparently, my secret santa pick (my brother in law) wants bullets (“ammo” if you’re cool) so I guess I’ll buy him a box (or however they come. A tube? A packet?) Whatevs. Just ordered spouse’s gift online (he was sitting right there giving me the model #), thank you Amazon Prime. And that brings us to…


Lots of that going on around here. My online neighborhood group (nextdoor.com, if you’re interested…not in MY group obviously…unless you’re my neighbor. And if you are, I want you to know that if you see a black and white tuxedo cat shitting in your bark dust it’s not mine. Mine would never do that.) ANYWAY someone in my group posted a message that some fucker was following the UPS delivery vans and snatching freshly dropped parcels off of defenseless porches. So after researching some sort of lockbox for the millions of packages we get, I found out today that Amazon has local secure “lockers” where your package can be delivered and retrieved with a code. So I’m trying that out.


I tried to get the spouse to agree to a trip for xmas, but he decided too late and so we’ll be eating dry meat with the usual suspects. And I won’t be drinking to amuse myself. Maybe I’ll bring some knitting.


Now that the Billys are built, I will be populating them with the contents of the bins that are lurking in my garage, taking up valuable real estate. Work on the newly vacated mom-cave has not resumed yet, as I have spent massive amounts of time eating chocolate-covered things which turns out to be VERY TIME CONSUMING.


I made a calendar appointment to call my friend in California on the phone tomorrow morning. She accepted. Also the spouse and I have a couple’s date tomorrow night. Spouse is thrilled (hyperbole).


I just really like buying yarn. I swear I’ll make something.

That’s all I’ve got. Except for a bottle of NA wine I bought tonight but don’t actually have the nerve to drink.

Potentially frightening NA wine




17 thoughts on “…And The River Don’t Rise…

  1. Careful with the wine there. It can have a few “unsocial” side effects. I hear you about the rain. Ours changed to snow for a bit, but is now back to rain. I tried to buy ammo once. I guess it sounded funny with a British accent because the assistant in Cabellas just kept snickering at me, and asking technical questions, that it was clear I couldn’t answer. Sounds like you’ve got Christmas covered, xx

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    1. Hahahah! Don’t you just feel like draping yourself in camo (rhymes with ammo) when you go to cabelas? Because they carry “lady camo” too.
      That’s true! Same with the NA beer, gotta watch it. I can’t imagine I’ll be chuggalugging it. But I may slip some to my MIL…


    1. Hi, Noddy! I like NA beer, drank a ton of it in the summer, ice cold (the only way to drink NA beer). I do like the taste of it, it’s very “beery” and like you say does not make me want alcohol.


  2. Hi Betty!
    We are done with shopping…I filled a stocking for my 90 year old mom!
    I have never done that for her.
    It was fun!
    I got my hubs presents he picked out too, on-line.
    He’s very picky!

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  3. We have snow here. and rain. And some more snow. It melts. It freezes up. Joys of winter! I am done with shopping and preparations. Christmas is almost here. Hoping for a good one. 🙂

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  4. I’m still leery of NA beer, and I didn’t know about NA wine. I don’t reckon there’s NA vodka. Good lord, what would be the point? Ugh. It’s bed time.

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