It’s Xmas– What Are We Drinking??

So, yah, holidays are DEFINITELY HAPPENING. It’s Xmas Eve Eve here in the PNW, and it’s also my Friday. I am off work until January (yippee yay!)

Since it’s sort of Friday, I’ll do my week-in-review wrap up (because WHY THE FUCK NOT??)

WEATHER: First of all I’d like to invite someone to PLEASE KILL ME WITH A ROCK- I haven’t seen the sun in 3 weeks. The rain is seriously not stopping. If I bitch about the heat next summer please tell me to STFU.

WATER (see WEATHER): It got in our basement-level music studio. The power was going in and out and the circuit running the sump pump tripped. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) the wool area rugs wicked up most of the water. You’d be surprised at the amount of water those fuckers can hold! So they currently smell like dirty wet farm animals, if you can dig it. The good news is, none of the guitars or amps were damaged *rock on!!*  (However an Ikea coffee table took one for the team.)

SHOPPING: Nope. Still not finished. Going out late tonight to purchase remaining gifts and also potatoes for my xmas dinner pledge of au gratin. It shall be excessively cheesy.

WORK: I spent the week crawling up a ladder and working up in a ceiling. My back is creaking. Bitch, piss, moan. Annoying mean-girl coworker has moved to another building and is behaving appropriately. I got my annual pay raise. Ceiling not looking so bad.

Okay so enough of that, let’s talk about WHAT WE’RE DRINKING FOR XMAS!!

I have a several items lined up for xmas day:

  1. Some weird NA cold duck my dad brought over a while ago
  2. Chardonnay sparkling grape juice with some sort of fresh fruit juice
  3. The illustrious bottle of Fre NA red wine
  4. Enough ginger ale/beer to sink a battleship
  5. Fancy schmancy coffee I received for my birthday but cannot use at home as I have a Keurig and do not own a drip coffee maker.
  6. Insanely refreshing, dirt cheap store-brand cranberry/lime sugar free sparkling water.

Wow, that’s I lot! I’m probably going to be peeing frequently.

Will I miss my mimosa on xmas day? Mmmmm… I don’t know. I might. I doubt it. It’s hard for me to get sentimental about any one drinking occasion since I had turned my entire life into a drinking occasion. There was nothing “special” about any of it. And every time I visualize that one “special” glass I really just see wine glugging out of a box and splashing wine into my glass (and some onto the floor). NOT SUPER SPECIAL. So maybe no, no I won’t miss it. Right now, I think of wine as a bad relationship in which I tried to make it work for years but in the end was spectacularly fucked over: I don’t trust it, I don’t have any good memories of it, it’s kind of an asshole. So I won’t be spending the holidays with it, obviously.

Saturday, we’re having company. Yes, humans. Coming to my home. I told my friend to bring booze if she wanted it because we’re on the wagon and she said, the wagon sounds like a good idea. So I was rubbing my hands together and muttering, “Everything is going according to plaaaaan…” I’m thinking about trying an NA Sangria with the red Fre wine. 

ANYWAY, I am really looking forward to xmas and my time off and doing it all awake and aware and sober and without a banging headache. What I’m most excited about is starting my new year without regrets, without disappointments, and without the anxiety of knowing I HAVE TO QUIT DRINKING THIS YEAR FUUUUCK. Because I already did it:) I rolled through last New Year’s Eve with my resolution ready and it took several tries (and fails) to stick last June.

I hope that those of you who just started your sobriety decide to really give it a go and choose not to drink in these next few weeks. Seriously, if you can get through your first sober week/month during xmas YOU HAVE PROBABLY GOT THIS SHIT IN THE BAG. And you can stroll into January with your head up, ready to kick ass.

And for those of you who do decide to drink this holiday season, that’s okay too. Just figuring out that you might want something different for yourself made this a great year. There’s always next year!

Merry Xmas, awesome sober people!!

Displaced guitars from soggy studio relaxing in guest room








21 thoughts on “It’s Xmas– What Are We Drinking??

  1. OMG- you have just made me realise that I also do not need to put “drink less/quit drinking” on my NY resolution list this year for the first time ever! Yay to being awesome all the time and not just the first week of January 🙂

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  2. LOL – OMG Betty, I loved this post so much. You had me laughing pretty much constantly, but you also made me think about some awesome things: 1) some great AF options like FRE Wine, which they sell at a store right by my apartment (I looked it up). Is it any good? I can’t wait to try it! 2) that I am 24 days into my sobriety and last year I stopped drinking for 9 days on something like Dec 30 and THIS YEAR I DON’T HAVE TO because I’m already rocking it, and 3) my relationship with red wine was exactly like a completely dysfunctional love affair and I finally got rid of that somebitch. I’m inspired to stock up on even more AF drinks and pee with abandon. Have a great holiday!

    xo Rachel.

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    1. Hahaha! yes, yes, pee like the wind! That is super awesome, really– quit drinking?? Check!
      I haven’t tried the Fre yet, it doesn’t get great reviews but it’s usually reviewed by people who drink actual wine and they’re all “It doesn’t taste like WINE.” Um. So I’ll tell you what I think. Apparently the merlot is the best, they were out of it when I went- I got the red. Also I went completely batshit tonight at the Natural Grocer they had sparkling cider in Caramel Apple and Spiced. SO MUCH SUGAR!!

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  3. You have cool guitars. I can’t kill you with a rock, because said rock is already occupied pounding my very own sun deprived head. To think I was freaking out about our well water. Have a really awesome Christmas, and I love the idea about a NA Sangria with fake red wine……xxx

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    1. Yah, and that’s only 3 out like 10 guitars plus a pedal steel. It was a busy night of instrument removal. OMG, yes, keep your rock. Tonight we got weird slushy almost snow/rain..WTF??
      I will, Jackie, you too! Perhaps I should call my beverage Sans-gria??


  4. Sansgria sounds awesome!

    I’ve had 3 cups of coffee with cream, so far. 3 different AF beer options in the fridge. I’ll be peeing like a crazy woman for the next 36 hours!

    Heading to Christmas Eve with the in-laws. I’m so excited to just be there, and not be worrying if anyone is noticing how much I’m drinking, while simultaneously wondering if it’s too soon to have another. I can’t believe I played that exhausting game for so long!

    Merry Christmas!!!



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    1. You are ready!! Wow, 3 kinds of AF beer, very festive. And apparently healthy for your bladder:) We’ve been fairly blunt about not drinking, not that my in-laws are “pushers”, but it still comes up every time. Maybe we need to tell them before THEY start drinking?? Hahhaha! You have a very merry xmas too, Wendy!! And I hope next year is even better:)


  5. Just came back from a Christmas Eve party. Sober! Can you believe this?! Not a drop Of alcohol. Believe me , there was plenty. Instead I had two glasses of sparklin cider. Then switched to water. Nothing close to your list of drinks. I am not into sugary drinks apparently. Well… I think I can do this sobriety thing this time around. Merry Christmas, my friend!

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    1. OOOh, look at you all SOBER at party. Good girl! I’m very proud of you! If you’re not into sugary beverages then you won’t also be into THE NEXT SIZE UP like I will, if I don’t watch my sugary beverages. Merry Xmas to you! I think you can do it too:) I’m excited for your new year.

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