Gaaaahhh! Rum got in me. Hahhaha! Yuck! Ordered non-alcoholic blackberry daiquiri from non-alcoholic drink menu at dinner tonight. Was not greeted with expected tart sweetness but rather with bitter aftertaste. Had spouse taste it and he told me “Noooooo, that’s not rum.” But I flagged the server down and said, “Hey, I think there’s rum in this.” She blinks at me: “In the daiquiri??” “”Yes, there’s rum in here.” “Did you order it without?” “YES. YES I DID.”

The virgin replacement was delicious. Why in THE HELL would anyone want to ruin something so tasty with nasty rum??

So if you are ordering mocktails in a public house BEWARE!! Lest they try to slip you a mickey….



11 thoughts on “Hoodwinked!!!

  1. Don’t worry about it. I’ve heard this happen to a few people in AA. They all say the same, it tastes disgusting if your not expecting it! It will probably happen at least once to every non-drinker.
    The important thing is that you didn’t order it or desire it, so it doesn’t count!

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  2. Perhaps the only “benefit” of my hiding/drinking in my kitchen and sunroom was I always knew what I was poisoning myself with. Wow, what a bleak sentence. Yeesh. Anyway, sorry that happened to you. Glad it wasn’t triggering.

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  3. I always have to ask and double check that my mocktail is actually non alcoholic and definitely does not have alcohol in it! Waitress looks at me like I’m crazy but people just don’t get why it could be a problem!

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  4. Blahhh that’s not good but at least you realised and good for you for standing your ground, at the end of the day its not an issue for you being a non drinker it’s more that they gave you something you had specifically asked not to have ….. good god , suppose you had a sever medical condition. Anyway sending you sober hugs and best wishes for Christmas from the UK 🎅

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  5. I think it is wonderful and refreshing that you decided to stop there. Just think- a few weeks or months ago, you might not have “recoiled” as the Big Book puts it. I had never recoiled at the smell of alcohol and I didn’t believe it would actually happen. Sure enough, about six months into my recovery, my husband and brother were having some scotch at Thanksgiving, out in the van to show me support and respect by not having it in my Mom’s house. I went out to the van to get something, not thinking about it, and my face was 2 inches from the glass in the cup holder. The smell smacked me left and right. I literally recoiled and my stomach turned. Mind you, this was my drink of choice for years…

    But it really happened. It was shocking, eye opening, and amazing to me that the recoil actually happened. It is a HUGE blessing 🙂

    Congrats on moving forward, immediately 🙂 Good for you!

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