Sobriety, Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

I’m finding it hard to not bitch about my job every time I post. So I’m actively not doing that right now. Jobs are like opinions and assholes– everyone’s got one and no one wants to hear about mine.

So here we are in the sober week wrap up.

WEATHER: It was a pretty good week (disclaimer: please see statement above), we are starting to get some nice weather mixed in with the depressing, kill-yourself-with-a-rock-inducing rain.

FINANCIAL: Having performed daring feats of panic-inspired organization a few weeks ago, I am now prepared to file my tax return, all forthcoming documents cozily nested in a regulation 9″ x 12″ buff-colored envelope, identified with a mechanically-generated label “2015 Taxes”. Contrast this starkly with last year, where I ignored the entire concept until a day or two before the return was due, then spent several horrified hours discovering that I owed a SHIT POT of money, mainly due to my lack tax planning, mainly due my lack of general coherence (ie: super drunk-osity).

PHYSICAL: We have been meeting (and ever-so-occasionally exceeding) our goal of visiting the gym at least three times a week. The results are in: I haven’t lost any weight (on account of me sticking ALL KINDS OF FOOD IN MY MOUTH ALL THE THE TIME) but I’m fairly buffed. *flexing biceps*.

NIGHT LIFE: Friday was Date Night, and we decided to check out a new-ish (new to me because I just found out about it) restaurant downtown. The menu is casual (burgers, wraps, sammiches) but it has he added bonus of serving breakfast ALL DAY. This is a rare jewel to find anywhere; normally all-day breakfast menus are relegated to the Denny’s and other sub-par 24-hour variety eateries. But this establishment will give me a delicious pancake or eggs benedict at 10pm, hallelujah, amen.

The next thing I immediately enjoyed about the restaurant was the friendly enthusiasm of the gals working there, I think they were probably bartender/servers as it is a wee restaurant. The first question from Bartender 1: “Would you like to know what we have on tap?” to which my husband replies, we don’t drink. So I asked if they had anything interesting to drink that was NA and she immediately offered me a sample of the ginger beer they serve there. Then the other bartender gamely offered to make me a fancy juice cocktail with some delicious puree they have.  So I was like THEY REALLY GET ME, THESE PEOPLE.

Cock & Bull Ginger Beer, served ironically in a Tito’s Vodka ultra-chic mason jar

The last time I went to a bar asked for something besides a Coke, I was viewed as an alien life form. Non-alcoholic?? You are in a BAR, Lady! The server that time looked flustered and said, “Um, we don’t have any strawberries or anything.” Um, non sequitor.

After dinner (which was super tasty) we headed for dessert and coffee (decaf for moi, merci!).

Shiny Hall Of Cakes

And we were out until almost 10:30pm!! I shit you not.

DOMESTIC: Saturday, we discovered the new Cash & Carry (restaurant supply) and bought a pallet of food. I can’t even remember what we bought, we were mesmerized by 5 gallon buckets of soy sauce and steeply discounted animal protein. I think we have several gigantic bags of cheese cubes and possibly 10 gallons of soup. I’ll really have to go look.

SOCIAL: Today is Sunday and we’re going to the gym as soon as I finish this post (spouse is cued up needing only shoes to become instantly gym-ready). Then this afternoon, in my effort to be less hermit-y, I have a Lady Date, involving coffee and antiques, wherein I will locate the most perfect milk glass fruit bowl on this hemisphere.

Last year at this time I was probably just getting out of bed in preparation to start my Hangover Mitigation Ritual. Followed by a flurry of all the activities that I needed to finish before my weekend sailed away, completely wasted. Followed by the Angel/Devil Cage Match on my shoulder as I struggled with whether I should drink tonight or not. Followed by the inevitable glug of my wine box.

This is better. It’s SO MUCH BETTER.

So I’d better get going, because apparently I have an army-sized vat of soup to prepare later.

BTW, if anyone in the PNW knows where I can buy Cock & Bull ginger beer locally, please advise me!

I hope everyone else is enjoying/has enjoyed their sober weekend, with or without a pallet of bacon.




27 thoughts on “Sobriety, Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

  1. This whole post is so cheerful, you’ve prepped me for the week ahead a bit here. Your date night sounds great – it’s so good to find somewhere with a selection of decent AF drinks. I have the same issue with Costco by the way. I come home with half a cow, a jar of peanut butter the size of my head, and breakfast cereal in such large packets that I need to keep it in the garage…
    Red xx

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  2. Brilliant post. My wife and I should do date night – we never got into it with kids etc. and now they are gone/adult we’ve still never got back into a regular thing like that. I met some friends for a pre-Christmas drink/meal in Dec. Meeting place was a microbrewery pub. I asked for a Coke – the look I got was priceless. In the end they did have a very nice apple and blackcurrent juice that was superb but the owner still looked as though someone had shattered all he believed in life as he poured the second one for me “I only keep this in for women who are driving their man home”…. I thought I’d slipped back into misogynist 1955!

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    1. Hahahah! He brings the bottle up from the basement storage room, blows the dust and cobwebs off, checks to the date to see if it should have spoiled 3 years ago…hahahah!!
      Yes, take your wife out! The point of date night is to have a screen-free chunk time to chat or do something fun and just focus on each other. OOh, and Valentines Day is coming up!!


      1. Yes it is… We already have a meal booked that day – but somehow has ended up a foursome with my brother and his wife… oh well. I also asked her if there was anything she wanted and got that answer all husbands dread… “no… surprise me”… oh hell!

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  3. I want a pallet of bacon. Also, I’ve been going to the gym and exercising (cardio) and not losing a bit of weight. I’m okay with that. I’m soft and malleable, like Play-Do. I also like waffles and pie, and that ain’t changin’ anytime soon.

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    1. Hahhahahh!! I’m sending the pallet of bacon to your house…now *clicks send*
      It takes forever to lose weight at our age, you literally have to beat it off with a stick (which ironically is the name of a new trendy cross-fit class. I’m kidding.)
      Throw in some weight training at the gym and at least the fat will jiggle less. 😉

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  4. Your date night sounds awesome! We had a date night too – I was persuaded to go and see Revenant (I won’t spoil it), and now hubby owes me a chick flick night (or three)…i love the Cash and Carry – we don’t have them here, but every time we venture across the border – it’s a destination…..gallons of Jam…and Monteray Jack Cheese with jalapenos in brick size. Genius.

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  5. So glad you found a couple cool places for date night! I had ginger beer at a place in San Francisco about a year ago. They made their own. SO tasty! I thought buying it from the store (any old brand) would be the same. Nope. Tasted like bug spray. So gross! Who knew ginger beer could vary so greatly in taste?!

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  6. Cock and bull ginger beer is the SHIT!!! I think they have it at Whole Foods. You crack me up, lady. Thanks for sharing your sober day to day, served up with personality and wit. 🙂

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  7. I love your sober living. Lady, you are living my dream (sans gym please; hate gyms.) And those pictures. I was literally salivating looking at cakes. Sugar is my new vice. It probably will kill me.

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    1. I’m sitting in a hotel room alone with two Cadbury’s (2/$3!!) so YOU DON’T HAVE TO TELL ME ABOUT SUGAR. haha! But yah, it’s good livin’. It’s fun, it’s real, you’ll love it:)


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