On The Road Again

Fairly certain this is Mt. Jefferson…

I hope this title has set off a very determined Willie Nelson ear-worm in your head so you can join me in hell. Ok, herewego…

Once again,  it’s the end-of-the-week wrap up!! I’m back in town after two back-to-back work trips. The highlight of these journeys were that I was able take some PRETTY NICE photographs on the way to/from and in town. I’ll be posting on The Rain In The Trees this weekend, so if you like gorgeous snow-covered mountains, you’ll probably like this shit.


Not bad, busted my hump the last two weeks and that is only reason I haven’t ballooned up like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon float (see eating below). There was one afternoon where I had to crawl under a raised floor and it was so dirty down there I refused to get on my knees so I fucking DUCK WALKED back and forth down there. My thigh muscles got so hot I swear there was smoke….the UNHOLY BURRRRN. Anyhoo, the next day they were ROCK HARD and I was all YEAHHHH, and felt like I had just bounced out of a step aerobics class. So yah, perks and all.


If only I could employ someone to follow me around and knock high calorie food out of my hands!! (I’m accepting applications for this job, BTW: it doesn’t pay much but you can eat whatever you can keep from entering my face.) So I’ve gained a few pounds from eating chocolate in alone my hotel room and from eating at out-of-town restaurants. I had a hard time verifying this fact as the cleaners accidentally flipped my scale to KGs and I was like 69?? Right on, diet’s working! Haven’t been this thin since 1st grade! Which brings me to:


Last week, for the first time in my life, I paid someone to clean my house. My husband was completely horrified at the concept but changed his tune after experiencing the HOUSE-WIDE OMNI-DIRECTIONAL CLEANLINESS. I walked around like Anthony Molchiorri on Hotel Impossible looking for what they missed and it wasn’t much. It’s making us more aware of keeping everything tidy…some of us anyway. The teen is still brazenly leaving her little teen subversive dishes in my gleaming white sink. I texted her this morning:


Said bowl was washed but three glasses, 2 plates and a pot full of baked beans showed up in its place. The child is NOT right.


I had discussion about drinking (or rather my lack thereof) with co-workers as they sipped margaritas at the Mexican restaurant. One of them asked me if I was going to drink again and I told him NO CAN DO, BRO and I explained why. And he was like, wow, that’s weird. He sipped his margarita and that was it for him. I’m not sure how that works when you quit HALFWAY TO A FUCKING BUZZ, but I’m guessing that’s why he can drink and I can’t. Which I explained to him. Also schooled co-workers (both single) on proper dating tactics. I practically had a TED Talk right there in the Mazatlan.


Not sure what I’m doing, I already ate enough chocolate for 10 ladies during the last 2 weeks. Rather than spend money on food I don’t need I decided to go buy shoes I don’t need. Spouse will be thrilled when he sees what he got me!


I haven’t been actively counting but my sober app says 256 days. Admittedly, I did slip in a few drinks here and there the first few months, maybe 4 beers total, but I didn’t really enjoy any of it so I decided to buck the trend and keep counting (since I never got intoxicated and returned to pious goodness immediately after.) So that’s 8 months as of Feb 1. This time last year I was gearing up to quit again, having missed my Jan 1 deadline. I was probably feeling PRETTY PISSED OFF ABOUT IT too, that it was FUCKED UP that I had to quit, and also that it was NOT FAIR and REALLY HARD. An orchestra of tiny violins was ramping up for me. I was probably quite tedious.

If you’re currently like I was last February, don’t worry. Because your time is coming and you’re almost ready. Maybe you’ll try quitting and fail a few times. NO BIG. Maybe it will take dozens of starts and stops to get your momentum. NOT A PROBLEM. I like to point out that any amount of time you spent sober, even if you eventually drank is still some pretty good moderation and you’ll be better off having experienced it.

So, Sober Blog Citizens: Tell me what’s happening for Valentine’s Day in your corner of the world!






36 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. Good for you with the cleaner! I could never find one that could match my mildly OCD temperament and who didn’t get arsey when I suggested doing the missed bits. I’m my own worst enemy sometimes 🤐.

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    1. My standards are fairly low, which is nice because it saves me a lot of disappointment:) They did actually miss a few things, main thing was my subway tile in the kitchen, it goes all the way up the wall and they were having a hard time with that concept! If I was your cleaner I’d offer you the “OCD special”, which would cost more yet entitle you to examine my work microscopically:)

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  2. I am officially applying for the post of food disposal agent. I’m still in that phase where I want to eat everything naughty ALL of the time, so I feel we could work well together. In terms of experience, well, I’m currently eating biscuits (cookies) for breakfast with a coffee so sugary you could frost a cake with it. Mmm. Cake. Anyway, I’d be happy to just appear and karate – chop the bad food right out of your hands, just say the word!

    Nice one on finding a cleaner. I’m considering diverting my former-booze-fund cash into paying someone to tackle my weetabix encrusted house!
    Red xx

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    1. Yes, well, part of this is your fault! I found those fucking Reeses bars and bought 2 of them for last week, was halfway into the 2nd one when I read the calorie count. HOLY SHIT! 600 each! So I saved it and brought it home and made my husband eat it. Hahahaa!
      Anyway I ate a brownie for dinner last night:) So you’re hired! You start today, it’s a bit of a commute though..
      I highly recommend the cleaner, the initial deep clean (where they come and try undo years of neglect) costs a bit more but then they return monthly to scrub all the things you don’t want to. Everyone wins!

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  3. Thanks for the ear-worm 😉. I have always liked weighing myself in kilograms! I’ve thought about paying a professional house cleaner, too, but I’d have to clean my house before I let them come in ha ha!

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  4. Welcome back Betty! In answer to your Valentines Day question – I got CAKE! Yay! Before I moved into my husband’s house and changed it (only the things that needed changing, I’m not one of those “I’m going to change everything now we’re married” kinda girl….although come to think about it, I guess everything did NEED changing and so I changed A LOT), one of the things that HE changed was to “retire” his cleaner. Huh. How did that slip by me? Oh yeah……the wine…….:(

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  5. Well… full recount is on my blog actually.
    But going for a meal with my brother, sister-in-law, daughter and wife was another one of those mind numbing experiences. My brother was driving so he had a fruit juice… my wife a small glass of wine my daughter a cider my sister-in-law a fruit juice… and that was it – one drink each and why did my sister-in-law not have an alcoholic drink? Normal drinkers… bizarre people who I simply struggle to understand what happens in their minds. I mean I’d have been “Cool late afternoon meal in a pub/restaurant. Let’s get there early and have one, or two in the bar. I can then have two maybe with the meal and suggest another two or three in the bar afterwards… ” Problem is then I’d have really wanted to stay and make a proper session of it …

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    1. I generally avoided drinking in public (unless it was specified Drinking Expidition= the bar within walking distance to my house) just because I knew that one wasn’t going to do it, so I’d rather wait til I got home than try to make it through dinner with half a buzz:)


  6. What do you do for work? Building inspection? I noticed you go into the attics and under floors… I am flabbergasted.
    There was time when I considered hiring help to clean the house. I work long hours and weekends are too precious to slave in the house. Especially when I was drinking. 🙂 But my husband rebelled. He is home more than I am, so he has more time. So we made a deal that he cleans at least once a month and get rewarded with money. Technically, he gets paid for cleaning. Works like a charm.

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    1. I know, isn’t it just HORRIFYING? I am a limited energy (low voltage) technician, I install communications (voice/data) wiring and equipment. Among other things.
      That sounds like a fine arrangement, as long as someone does it!

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  7. You crack me up every time, Betty. Thanks for the sober wit and wisdom, every time. 🙂 I don’t have a problem with chocolate but may have a slight issue with cake lately. ALL THE CAKE!!!! Goddamn my baking skills. So if you could send that person you have hired to knock high calorie food out of your hands over my way to corral me away from the sugar, butter, flour, and oven, that would be super great. Ok thx. And I’d also love a house cleaner. I am puppy sitting right now and that little fuck stick keeps crapping on my carpet. Thank Buddha he is only like 4 pounds and the poops are like AA batteries. But still. Anywho, happy sober Tuesday to you! 🙂

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    1. Hahahah! I have it worse in my house- my daughter bakes so I don’t have to do anything but let the cupcakes (there are cupcakes out there RIGHT NOW) roll into my mouth (like I lay on my pillow any they just roll in).
      I don’t know about wisdom, but I feel pretty good if I can give everyone a nice chuckle:)
      House cleaner is SO WORTH IT. Not only is my house still clean, I’m now obsessed with keeping it clean on a MOLECULAR LEVEL.
      Happy Sober Tuesday to you too!

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  8. Hey this post is funny! I am so with you on having someone clean my house. Although I have OCD typically I have the WRONG TYPE OF OCD! So my OCD is not marginally useful excessive cleaning but checking car locks 1000 times (now thankfully much improved). I do focus on cleaning activities that are completely pointless – such as cleaning a stove to an inch of its life on a filthy building site – but I really could do with a bit more cleaning OCD and less checking. Why can’t we choose our disorders? Yes normal people can’t understand why we can’t drink because they like take 2 hours to finish a glass of wine. It kills me to see them being so nonchalant!

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    1. I know, and when they find out that we are never going to drink again they act like they would be losing a limb if they couldn’t have their 1 stupid drink!!! Hahah!
      Yah, you have the “unfortunate ” OCD, don’t you?? Haha! So happy for you that it’s under control now.


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