No, I mean LITERALLY– SEWING PATTERNS. I have quite a few of them. The remarkable thing about them is that some of them have never been opened and are in pristine condition, should I choose to sell them on the eBay.

I sorted them last night in my new sewing room.

Sewing room Ikea’d to within an inch of its life

Some of the patterns were from the 90’s (off the shoulder blouses and mini-skirts), one from the 80’s (trapeze top), none of which I actually sewed. Many of them are from when my daughter was in grade school (never sewed) and are branded with early Y2K hits such as Hanna Montana & That’s So Raven. One is a stuffed animal pattern from when the kids were babies (started that one, never finished.)

But for the longest time I kept buying patterns, usually from Hancock Fabrics (R.I.P.) during their 10/$10 sales. BECAUSE THEY ARE A DOLLAR, WHY THE FUCK NOT??

I have historical patterns and costume patterns. I have cargo pants, hoodies, capes, coats, jackets, pencil skirts, jeans, and pajamas. I have wrap dresses, jumpers, batwing tops, t-shirts and start-your-own-religion style baggy drawstring pants and tunics. I have women’s, mens’s, children’s, teen’s, and unisex.

I’m going to SEW THEM ALL. Dammit.

Because I have a room. And I have a room because I had the time to make the room. And I had that time because I don’t drink anymore. (And also because my kid moved out. hahah!)

So that’s what I’ve been doing while not writing here. I’m still up in everybody’s business leaving comments, just not as prolifically producing. Obviously. Try to stop me.

In other news, we went out last night to meet some friends (who forgot to show up) and so we had a date night. The bar we went to has arcade games which sounds really fun. But most of them are in the back where the music is loud and the lights are low and there is an extremely “drinky” vibe. So were like, if we were hammered, this would be great place to be. But we weren’t so it wasn’t.

And that’s okay. I don’t feel any disappoint over that. You might have that feeling sometimes, many of you call it FOMO, the feeling of missing out. So what we’re talking about here is:

  • something I didn’t really want to do
  • but would maybe have wanted to do if I was drinking
  • it possibly would only have been fun (or perceived as such)
  • but only if were I drinking
  • but I don’t drink

The bottom line here is I JUST DIDN’T FEEL LIKE DOING IT. So I went home and played with my fabric shape cutter instead.

Did I miss out? Um…I guess THEORETICALLY maybe?? If a tree falls in the forest but it’s an oak tree and you really don’t prefer oak because you kind of like pine instead then DO YOU GIVE A SHIT? I say no. Maybe that’s not a good analogy.

I mean, there are places you go when you’re drinking, like bars & clubs for instance. And a lot of them are real shit-holes: walls painted black, scuffed floors, disgusting bathrooms, etc. But you don’t notice how shitty it actually is because it’s dark (low lighting) and you’re drunk (everything looks great!!) When you enter these places stone-cold sober in the light of day you would wonder a) did I eat something that came out that kitchen back there?? and b) why would a self-respecting human volunteer to be here?

I can listen to music and dance anywhere (say, at the supermarket when they’re playing the hits from the 70’s) and in a location not steeped in squalor. And then when I don’t want to be there anymore, I can just drive myself home. And sort my patterns.

Let’s face it- SOME things are only fun when you’re drunk. But MOST things are fun when you’re sober. Wrap your mind around that.



23 thoughts on “Patterns…

  1. In no particular order:

    -Serious sewing room envy
    -I adore you
    -Re: music at the grocery store – I find myself enjoying those moments more now. I’ll find myself singing out loud, much to the enjoyment of my fellow shoppers, I’m sure.

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  2. Love the sewing room. I sew but have to heave the machine out onto the dining table every time. I made myself a new handbag today, and a paper pieced Boba Fett cushion cover for my brother.

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    1. Ooh, a handbag! I’d love to see if you’d care to post a pic. I wanted to make some tote bags, I keep seeing them in the stores and I’m like, no, don’t buy it, you’re going to make one.
      Bummer about your lack of space. I’m using my mom’s vintage sewing cabinet, her machine used hook into it and swing down and the table would fold up when not in use. Maybe you could get a small sewing table/cart kinda deal.


    1. Hahaha! OMG, yah, that’s not the accessory you want to be sporting:)
      Thanks, Anne! It’s coming together quiet nicely. I actually have a few patterns already picked out, one of them is a goofy pillow/animal thing.


  3. Nice! I have a pretty good sized healing/craft room, but it doesn’t get heated in winter, so it’s kinda became a catch all for stuff. it needs a good purging and cleaning for sure! thanks for inspiring me. it’s been in the 80’s, but i heard they are calling for snow again monday. GRRR, but once it gets warm, the windows are going up and it’s getting clean!

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    1. Thanks, Jenn! Sounds like a nice challenge (and a vacation!) You’re in TX, right? I’ll bet you get to see the sun more frequently than me 🙂 The thing about it is that I painted it and started with nothing in the room then added all new stuff, rather than trying to make my old crap work. I think that makes a difference.


    1. And a parlor where you sit and receive callers, and a drawing room so we can “go through” after supper! (may have mixed my Regency and my Edwardian) As long as Mr. Darcy is in one of them:)


  4. I am jealous of your sewing room, it’s gorgeous! Not that I sew or anything. But still. A craft room, perhaps? And you should definitely make the trapeze top and go hang out at your local Urban Outfitters. The kids will be SO JELLY!!! Like omg.

    I like what your wrote about not doing things you don’t like. I realized that when I drank, especially when I was younger, I would often do it to “get through” things I didn’t want to do bc I thought I “should” like doing them. Like hanging out with certain people, or at certain places. Idk, being social in general. But that’s not me. I am a nerdy homebody who likes the outdoors. I spent a lot of time trying to cover that shit up bc that isn’t “cool”. Well, fuck cool. And huzzah for fabric cutters and crochet and dog snuggles!

    Btw, I found Cock n Bull ginger beer yesterday at Cost Plus World Market and totally thought of you!

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    1. I think the idea of just having your own space is what everyone really digs here, not necessarily hobby room, but a writing, excrcise, meditation, “leave me alone” space. I call mine the Mom-Cave. I putter in there a lot. It makes me happy.
      Yay, the C&B! I love that stuff so much and that reminds me I am almost out. So spicy!! Also Bundaburg (who makes ginger beer) is now doing a root beer…so delicious. So FULL OF SUGAR. But it’s the “good sugar”, you know, from the healthy cane.
      I’m with you, I’ve never been a thrill-seeker, I’m pretty happy sitting on a warm sunny rock next to a river.

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  5. LOL, still laughing about the Jane Austen reference (so SoberMummy) – and not wishing to lower the tone, but I’m going to anyway…. I can think of better rooms for entertaining Mr Darcy, but back to wholesome sewing – love your room! I own three sewing machines – one that I purchased, one that I rescued from a house sale (well, I guess that when I say “rescued”, I actually mean “stole” – I was the realtor in charge of getting rid of crap from an abandoned house, and arranging a garage sale…..why am I justifying this? – anyhoo, it’s old but in perfect working condition) and one that is an old Singer with a foot pedal. Now I bet you think that I must be sewing all day long. Er no. And you know why? I need a sewing room. Like yours. It’s the only thing that’s stopping me, now I’m not drinking. Lovely to have a Betty post! xx

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  6. A sewing room – how great! I used to love to sew and would make toys and some of my own clothes including a ball gown when I was a teenager. Now I have a writing room as I spend most of my time writing. It is really beautiful all glass and hardwood overlooking a gorgeous roof terrace covered in bamboo and flowers. Even if I don’t want to write it is so lovely being up there that I end up writing anyway! I hope you get round to sewing all your patterns now you have your room. And there are loads of things – trance music for instance – that are simply unpleasant sober! At least now, being sober, we know what we really like and who we really are..

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    1. Yes! I feel the same about my room, even if I don’t feel like sewing just being in the room inspires me.
      Absolutely, just lately I’ve been like, “oh yah, I remember this person. …”


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