What’s The Worst That Can Happen??

I struggle with whether I should be capitalizing the first letter of my articles of speech…The or the,etc.. I’d love some feedback from people are who are anal about English.

ANYWAY, hello, I’m back. I have been caught up in a whirlwind of work, school, visiting people, and traveling and I’m FRICKING POOPED. But not too pooped to talk to you EXCELLENT SOBER BLOG FOLK.

I have had some anxiety producing events recently. Since I no longer douse these feelings with cab, I must cope with them in another way. Avoidance is (obviously) the preferred method but seriously, how long can you really hide from this shit?

Most recently, (as in last night) was an incident that transpired at the concert I attended (Iron Maiden). When we arrived at the hotel in Tacoma WA we had a plan to park downtown in a garage and take the local light rail to and from the venue. But the hotel clerk quickly seduced us with the hotel’s free shuttle service. The fine print was that it would only be one-way since they stopped shuttling at 8pm, but she indicated that it would just be SUPER EASY to get a taxi back to the hotel, no problem.

For the first 20 minutes of the concert I stressed out about this. I couldn’t enjoy myself because I could think was, how are we going to get home? What if we can’t get a cab? Then blaming myself for having not been more prepared, the doing the whole thing over again. Finally I let it go: what’s the worst that could happen??

And I thoroughly and soberly enjoyed the show, and stayed to the end of the very last encore. And when we exited we calmly called a for a cab…


I’ll bet you thought I was going to say, “See?? I got all worried for nothing.” This is not the case. Well, but wait….it actually it IS the case…

We ended up walking back to the hotel, at midnight, 3.7 miles, 90 minutes. Sucks, right? So if that’s the worst that could happen– it ACTUALLY FUCKING HAPPENED. And no one died or lost a limb. And it didn’t rain (I guess that would be worser). And we got to the hotel at 1:30am and I whined to the front desk lady that we had to walk and she gave us some bagels. Which is entirely appropriate in situations such as these.

The next day we all agreed that it REALLY WASN’T A BAD walk and that we had gotten our 10,000+ steps in…for fitness and all.

In other news, I was recently descended upon by out-of-state visitors, kicking off the maiden (literally the Iron Maiden) voyage of the sewing/guest room. Apparently it was SATISFACTORY. So I’m pretty jazzed about that. I was a bit worried that the sofa bed might be too firm but turned out to be just right.

My guests are not drinkers per se, they are more of the “when in Rome” types. In this case, Rome was DRY AS A BONE.

So now I am getting ready to return to work tomorrow, after 5 days off. There are some pretty hairy events coming at work, I’ve been kind of STRESSING THE HELL OUT over them. But for fuck’s sake, it’s just work. And when I start to spin in a circle I will gently remind myself: what’s the worst that can happen?? At the end of the day, nothing is coming out of my pocket and as a government employee it would take a stick of dynamite to remove me from my job. If I fuck up, I’ll apologize and fix it. If I can’t fix it, I’ll call someone who can. I’ll ask for help. I’ll REACH OUT.

Am I going to drink over it? Never. Not an option. Not going to help. Not going to fix. Not going to feel better. NOT EVEN ON THE TABLE.

Before you pop your cork, take just a wee little minute to ask yourself: What’s the worst that can happen?

Ed Force One– SeaTac!!! 



20 thoughts on “What’s The Worst That Can Happen??

  1. I’m going to remember that. What’s the worst that could happen? Good advice. I have taken that very long walk before after being stranded during Halloween at a party. My high heels and my feet were ruined by the end of the walk!

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  2. Step it up! I can walk that distance in about 45 minutes! 😛 hehe. Glad you had on good shoes! And yes, our perception of “the worst” is usually ever as bad as we make it out to be. I couldn’t tell you how many times I had “the worst craving ever and i’ll NEVER get through it”, but I got through it. I get panic attacks driving where I’m unfamiliar, but really, what’s the worst that could happen? I’d have to stop and ask for directions. I’ve done it before, and I survived! As I do with my little play on words, I often ask “How Much Better Can It Get!?” Because that’s saying things are already great, and I’m expecting better instead of worse 🙂 I tell everyone they should give it a day to try out!

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  3. Love your post…funny how we can imagine the worst with everything else…but then when it comes to drinking we were ready to overlook all kinds of pending disasters to justify drinking. Thank you for giving me something profound to think about (as always!)

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  4. Congratulations on getting through your 90 minute walk with such a great attitude! When I was in the depths of 10 hour a day OCD I was constantly worrying about the worst things happening and thinking I would not be able to cope. I still have terrible worries that there are certain things I will not be able to cope with. But the worst thing had ALREADY happened – my parents vicious divorce in which both of them turned on me their only child and I ended up suicidal for 13 years. I had no support from anyone was a helpless child but yet I got through it. Not only did I get through it but I came top of the class and got into Oxford when I was 16. We addicts are a lot more resilient than we think.

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    1. Serously, I have been through rough times too! Waaaaay rougher than a little walk. It’s addict behavior to make small things huge enough to binge over. Yes, we can probably handle just about anything! !!


  5. Good to see the lads still pulling the crowds. I first saw Iron Maiden in 1980 at a show in Chatham Kent on their first UK tour. About the same time I’d have also seen Samson with Bruce Bruce – as he called himself then – on vocals in a pub just up the road in Gillingham.

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      1. Oh how tedious! Personally, I prefer and amphitheater which is what they usually do on the West Coast in the summer. They are one of the few bands I will even bother to go to a large venue for, it’s such a pain in the ass!! I’ll probably stick to bluegrass shows where you can bring your lawnchair:)

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