Disaster Un-noticed

Ever since my freeway Zen folk-chick experience last week, I’m having a really hard time getting riled up. NOT FOR EVERYONE’S LACK OF TRYING. Seriously, I’m un-fucking-flappable this week. I’m pretty sure my attitude is driving the universe right now.

It’s not that I don’t give a fuck, more like I am being selective about parting with my precious fucks. And this is an amazing thing, this realization that I can choose how to feel at any moment, no matter what flavor crap is being served to me.

As if to try my new saint-like attitude, there have been a series of “fires” at work (not really, I mean, we’re talking about telecommunications, no one’s actually going to drop dead), but systems crashing, downtime, people inconvenienced– one after the next. So by the time the last one hit, I was so worn down by the others (plus the whirlwind that is my personal life) that I went, “Meh.” And my project manager came over to me to make sure I knew what had happened, and what they were doing to fix it, and ask how the were customers affected…and I said, “I didn’t get any emails, no one really complained, I guess it wasn’t a big deal. Disaster averted.” No, he said, disaster un-noticed. I can’t say for sure that my refusal to run in circles squawking like a hen somehow lessened the actual impact, but certainly THE EVIDENCE SUGGESTS THAT. Right?

And that’s how you do it. Don’t give your disaster the time o’ day. I mean, maybe you don’t think its possible BUT: what if no matter what happens, we can be happy anyway? What if we just go on..as if??  DID I BLOW YOUR MIND?? Because that’s what’s happening here. Life tries to crush us..like roaches. But it can’t– because, like roaches, we will survive anything: including (but not limited to) earthquakes, stock market crashes, complete nuclear holocaust, and/or a dinosaur-killer meteor. We crawl out of the rubble, and shake it off. ROACH POWER. *hive five with feelers*

I actually don’t know if roaches are happy. Scratch that.

MY POINT IS: We can choose how to feel. We can decide how to react. We can handle whatever needs to be handled without freaking the fuck out, letting it ruin our day, letting it shit on our sobriety. And this is actual power (ROACH POWER) that we possess. All of us.

Yes, even YOU. *pointing with antennae*







28 thoughts on “Disaster Un-noticed

  1. I am going to tell Angie over at http://itstimetogetsober.blogspot.co.uk to check this post out, she has just had what she titled the big disaster. I hope your post will really help her because you must be driving the universe cos the timing of this is perfect. I too will be taking on these words of wisdom in my own life. Well done you for remaining totally Zen.

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  2. I LOVE this idea! I have had a bit of a situation happening over the last few days and it’s been stressing me out terribly. Maybe I will try your approach and see if it works! Thanks for a great and very timely post SuburbanBetty. You might have just saved my life! A x

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  3. Oooo I get so excited when I see a new post from you Betty. (I only just read your ‘about’ page and realised that your real name is Christina, but you’re Betty in my mind now, so I’m sticking with Betty!) Yet another funny and refreshing read – The liberal sprinkling of profanities makes it all the more refreshing haha 🙂

    Have you read this article? It’s been doing the rounds for a while now, so you might have seen it, but I think it would be right up your alley: http://markmanson.net/not-giving-a-fuck

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    1. “Fucks don’t grow on trees, Mark.” hahahaha! FANTASTIC article, thanks for sharing. I hope everyone else sees this.
      And yes, I am found out (for I secret a didn’t really try to keep) I’m not really Betty. Sounds like you are holding back some fucks for that, and I appreciate it:)

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  4. This is another Gem from you, Betty, and thankyou to Rosie for sharing the article “Fucks are cultivated like a beautiful fucking garden, where if you fuck shit up and the fucks get fucked, then you’ve fucking fucked your fucks all the fuck up.”. That line right there, is a thing of fucking beauty. xx

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  5. Hahahaha! Omg I was rolling laughing and the “points antennae” part really did me in. Thanks for this, I needed it. And amidst the laughter, I loved your message. It’s true. We only have so many fucks to give and damn it those fucks are fucking precious so we gotta be choosy about which and how many fucks to give. And we can’t control what happens but we can control how we modulate our feelings and react. I will be trying doubly hard to utilize this newfound roach power at work next week. If I get in trouble for running up and down the halls with a bloody scalpel (or maybe an amputated leg) screaming “ROACH POWERRRRRR!!!” At the top of my lungs, I am totally blaming you. 😉

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    1. First of all, any shenanigans involving severed human bits WILL BE FILMED and sent to me. Second, I wanted to tell you this on your last post but somehow WP is cockblocking me: be proud of what you are doing. Maybe you are a little bit better than the rest of us. Maybe you should feel a little more badass about it, a bit more smug. And then yes, withhold your fucks from those who do not understand. PLEASE USE YOUR ROACH POWER RESPONSIBLY. Or not, whatever is funnier.

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      1. Christina, I am NOT better than anyone. That is some horse honkey to the max. I AM better than someone who tries to take away my accomplishments and try to make me feel shitty because they are insecure in themselves, though. Fuck the fragile male ego. Seriously?? Grow a pair.

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      2. I have this secret horrible idea to put one of our amputations in a trash can with the foot and most of the leg sticking out…people would freak the fuck out. It would be hilarious. A good ME would trace it back to me though so I will refrain from such nonsense. 😉

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  6. Hilarious!!! And it’s so true. You now own the universe. It is absolutely true that disaster begins to recede when you no longer focus on it and let it control you. I also have these serene (madonna-like?) moments when I know I am the only sane person in the room. Thank God there is now a name for it. I am going to copy and paste this to send to my son. He will love it!

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