My Double Ausmerican Soberversary

Is today! And also yesterday (in Australia). Don’t ask.

One year ago today I said I’M DONE WITH THIS SHIT and talked about the possibility of my imminent demise in my very first blog post.

Also, my blog view counter finally ticked over to 20,111 today. Holy shit!!

I am super grateful for the support of all my sober friends: blogging, non-blogging, online, offline, IRL. You know who you are. You people are awesome. This has been  A HELL OF A YEAR. And the next one is just going to be better. So sayeth I.





25 thoughts on “My Double Ausmerican Soberversary

  1. Congrats on 1 year!! That is a wonderful achievement. I’m curios about your Australian story (I’m an Aussie) and congrats on your blog views. Thats awesome. A x

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    1. Well then you know that my today is your tomorrow, right? My Australian friend wished me a happy soberversary a day in advance and she decided that I would therefore get two:)


  2. Congrats again, and I wanted to tell you that last night I had a bizarre dream that you phoned me, and gave me directions to your house by bus, so we could get together for tea. And you (in my dream) were very precise about the colour of the buses. Of course I can’t remember the colours NOW (because that is the annoying things about dreams), but they were colours like “cinnamon” and “hazel”…it MUST MEAN SOMETHING!!

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    1. Hahahahhaah!! Then board the cinnamon bus– DO NOT BOARD THE CUMIN BUS, THAT IS THE WRONG BUS. hahhahaah! I am dying. How long would it take you get here by bus?? I’d take the train if I were you. The cinnamon train.

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