Firstly, I would like everyone to cheer for my good friend Millie from Millie Gets Sober, she hit her Soberversary July 4. Yaaaaaay! I know many of you followed her blog and enjoyed her lovely posts and her humor and although she decided to stop blogging, she is still Clean and Serene!!

Now then, let’s talk about ME. Spotlight on MOI!

We returned Monday from our lovely beach house vacation on the Oregon coast. We had arrived Friday with a cooler full of FANCY NA beer, sparkling water and the like. The first thing we saw when we walked in our rented vacation home was a bottle of wine with a note: Enjoy your stay! This wine is for YOU!


Not expecting that. I mean, it was a nice gesture and very thoughtful, and yet I was thinking, “HOW DARE YOU ASSUME EVERYONE DRINKS THIS POISON!!?”  So I chucked it into the wine rack (I forgot what they were called for a minute, in my mind I was groping for the phrase… ‘um, wine holder?? wine shelf??’) and we went about our biz, and I did not confront the nice property managers about their EVIL BOTTLE OF TEMPTATION.

So it was a good weekend. I’ll be honest- we didn’t do too much. We like it like that. There was sun and sea and dunes and chocolate and hiking and eating, all topped off each evening by the Drinking Of Tea. Perhaps I am downplaying the role of the chocolate…

I know some of you will be taking a vacation this year and you will be tempted to drink because isn’t that WHAT ONE DOES on vacation? NO, IT ISN’T. I don’t. Not anymore. I have ruined so many nice vacations with the crazy-ass restrictions and limitations imposed by my drinking. I probably sucked the fun DIRECTLY OUT OF SEVERAL VACATIONS WITH MY NONSENSE. My…shenanigans, if you will.

No more! Now when I suck the fun out of something I do it stone cold sober, baby! And with purpose. Hahah! Not really. But kind of.

Anyhoo, great vacation, lovely beach house and good times with the fam. Ooh, and some nice pics too:






24 thoughts on “Sobercation

  1. Congrats to Millie!! Yay! So glad she’s sticking with it! I love the photos! You guys are aces. I think it’s fantastic that you’re sober together. You must be quite the team. 👫

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  2. Looks and sounds fab!
    Man, the amount of holidays ruined by booze – whether from me drinking or my ex drinking. Urgh. Oh the bad, shitty, hazy memories!

    My last trip – with my mum – she didn’t drink. I didn’t ask her not to, but she took it upon herself not to. What a woman. So blessed.


  3. Your post reminded me of a horrid memory I had forgotten until today…about 4 years ago on vacation to New Orleans, I drank so much vodka that I was passing out at dinner in public. It never happened again. I feel sick thinking about it. I remember that vacation. The whole thing was planned around when, where and how I could drink. I thought I was so smart planning activities that seemed family-oriented that just “happened” to serve booze. Ugh. Didn’t see that at the time. What a joke..the idea that you or I need alcohol to enjoy a vacation. There is so much life to be lived in reality. As time goes on in sobriety…more and more my natural ability to really and deeply enjoy experiences grows. Glad you enjoyed your vacay. Congrats to Millie too.

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  4. Go Millie and GO YOU! It is awesome not drinking- I wish I would have stopped a long time ago. I loved what Jenn shared and it reminded me too of several horrible vacation memories wherein time and again I boozed the days/nights away. Your posts really lift me up! 🙂 ❤

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