“And they just THROW BEER AT YOU…”

Is what I texted my spouse today after having luncheon at the Rogue Brewery Brew Pub in Newport OR.

Hey now, you are probably saying, doesn’t the NAME ITSELF imply that there will be beer afoot?? Of course it does. But I had no idea it would be flung at me in a little 2 oz tasting glass the minute my butt hit the booth. I literally shoved it away from me, “I don’t want that.” The waitress looked at me as I had set a $20 on fire, and unspoken “wtfuuu…..” forming on her lips.

That said, Rogue Brew Pubs have root beer and lemonade on tap. I didn’t have either, instead sticking to soda water and lime. It was weird being there–sitting basically inside of a keg, and not drinking beer. Beer is not much of a trigger for me, but I did like a Rogue Chocolate Stout. And you could only drink one anyway, because each Rogue microbrew is equal to an entire loaf of bread, carb-wise. But no, not even tempted.

I told my sister (who was with me) to feel free to get a beer and I would drive, and she actually offered me a sip to which I replied, “Not unless you’re ready to go on a bender with me.” Hahahah! NOT ACTUALLY KIDDING.

Aaaannnyhoo, I probably ended up getting a buzz off the beer cheese soup but it were tasty.


































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