Can Barely Lift Arms To Type…

So spouse and I finally started our brand-new, much-anticipated level 1 body building program lifted from the pages (ACTUAL PAPER PAGES, I MEAN) of the circa 1985 Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding written by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This mint condition volume was purchased by aforementioned spouse back in “the day” and was recently unearthed so that we may somehow inject a little more excitement, PIZZAZZ if you will, into our otherwise somewhat slacking and also boring workout routine.

Not trying to look like this…

We started last night with 32 sets, and continued tonight with another 30 or so. I’m not sure how I’m going to lift the blow dryer tomorrow. Or drive. Or possibly scratch my ass. But I feel pretty good.

We’ll do 6 days a week with a break in the middle, 3 days one, one off, three on. Until we’re mostly or partly dead, or super skinny, or so offensively bitchy that people beg us to STOP PLEASE FOR CRYING OUR LOUD. We’ll see how it goes.



24 thoughts on “Can Barely Lift Arms To Type…

  1. My arms hurt just thinking about it, crikey, when Arnie said “I’ll be back” I bet he never thought it would be in that version of himself. Hope you are getting your ‘too dark for a white person’ spray tan now. has a ring to it.

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  2. You have to tell me how this works out for you! I used to body-build in my 20’s…I just undertook an exercise regime and I’m not up to the level of serious body-building yet…but who knows what I can work up to in a few months? That’s so awesome that Mr. Betty is doing this with you.

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  3. are you going to look like Arnold? Scary! 🙂 I am into lifting myself but I think Arnold was taking some pills all along to look the way he does. I do compound lifting (deadlifts, squats and so one) and take one day of rest (at least one day!) I did lose six pounds in the beginning but now I am CONSTANTLY hungry, so I eat my way up the scale. keep us posted. I am curious to see how you progress.

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    1. I don’t think he was, he talks about steroid use in his book. We’re trying something different, you get into a routine at the gym that gets boring. So mostly I’m trying to get rid of the arm flaps and burn calories.

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