2017- Hopefully More Popular

Who else has hillbillies in their neighborhood who somehow hoard fireworks from July so they can go BATSHIT CRAZY with them December 31?? Raise your hand. Uh huh.

So it’s January! Yay! Mr. Betty and I rang in the new year with cheese fondue, as one should. I guess I should admit that an EXCESSIVE amount of seltzer was consumed, along with enormous and somehow relentlessly salty chocolate chip pan cookies (and let that be a lesson to any of your who might RECKLESSLY pull a recipe from the internet…)

I’ve heard an ordinate amount of whining regarding THE HORROR THAT WAS 2016 and I don’t get it- it was a good year for moi.

  • I sold my home after 8 years of having an upside down mortgage.
  • I bought a beach house.
  • Everyone in my family is healthy and employed (unless they are children, in which case GET A JOB, or retired in which case YAY, STILL ALIVE).
  • I was sober from Jan 1 to Dec 31– CONTINUOUSLY.

For some of you this is Day 1 and that’s a good thing. For others this is Day 21 or 47 or possibly 103 and that’s ALSO A VERY GOOD THING. Today is 580 days for me, which is weird to write because I don’t really count days anymore. However my sober app says I have avoided drinking 3600 units of alcohol which I find absolutely MIND BLOWING. And also kind of gross. *gag*

We usually have plans for NYE. Detailed and extensive plans. In the end however, it’s pretty much liquid cheese and The Twilight Zone. And people group texting me all night long, with well wishes from people who are NOT IN MY CONTACT LIST. Who the fuck are these people?? *Please group text responsibly*

So that brings me to the word of the year, which is a popular trend in which I participate because EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT, so I join in lest I appear churlish.

Last year my word was PRESENCE, which was an appropriate goal for someone who had basically checked out of life for three or four years. I worked on that. I focused. I listened. I tried ever so desperately to stay in the moment. Sometimes it was easy and sometimes my gaze drifted off to a shiny object. All in all, presence was an excellent lesson for me.

I had already decided before the much beleaguered and maligned 2016 came to a close that my 2017 WOTY would be COMMITMENT. I knew it because I had heard myself saying this word over and over in 2016.

We have commitments to ourselves and to others. To me, commitment is not only accountability but completion. I have projects and goals that I would like to complete and achieve this year. And I will be making a commitment for each.

Let’s be fucking honest here: I’M PROBABLY NOT GOING TO DO ALL OF THEM.

But those that I start I shall finish. Honestly this make me squirmy just writing it. Because there will be all this PRESSURE to complete projects and tasks and goals and I can feel myself going all whiny and squidgy about it…”What if I…..CAN’T DO IT?”

Seriously?? Of course I can. I quit drinking. I quit smoking. I’m practically a super hero just for those things alone.  So yah. I’m going to GET SOME SHIT DONE.

And hope you will all commit to at least one thing this year if nothing else: sobriety.

  • It’s the most bang for your buck resolution-wise
  • It’s always light, never filling
  • It’s the gift that keeps on giving AND
  • Even you don’t do anything else this year you’ll still be ahead

Happy New Year!



19 thoughts on “2017- Hopefully More Popular

  1. Your posts always lift my mood.
    I know you will get shit done. You are doing it.
    And sober. Always the right choice. After all, I’d rather spend my life sober, thinking I am an alcoholic than a drunken mess trying to prove I’m not.

    We are already winning.

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  2. Batshit crazy – one of my favourite phrases. I love the sound of commitment and getting shit done. You already seem like someone who gets shit done without any messing! Happy New Year to you, and thanks for all the support and pep talks in 2016, my friend. Red xx

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  3. I don’t have hillbillies in my hood but we have some batshit crazy folks!
    This made me laugh – good food for the soul.
    I know I won’t get everything done that I want, and that’s okay. I am not trying to be a superhero. I mean, if I can not be that sloppy angry drunk like I was years ago, then I am walking happily about. Lots to get done, but I’m in no rush. Part of this new life is to take in the smaller moments – the kids playing, the sun rising, the dog on my lap, etc. Corny but true. If my only accomplishment for the day is just enjoying it, then it’s a good day.

    Glad I found your blog!

    Happy new year.


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  4. As always you brought a smile to my face and a chuckle to my heart. Not sure why but I read your posts with Kathy Griffin’s voice in my head, that’s not an insult if you don’t like her just the voice my head hears your post in. I digress….
    Commitment is a great WOTY and one I nearly chose myself but it doesn’t grab me so I am still waiting to see if one feels more me for 2017.
    Happy new year to you and Mr Betty. I am sure you will get more shit done and I hope this year is even better than 2016.

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  5. Love it! My word of the year is stillness. I can’t stand being silent and still and just embracing my own existence sometimes. I hope that this year, sober and aware, that I find serenity in the calm peaceful moments. Congrats on selling the house and the beach house (how wonderful- our retirement dream) and most importantly, Happy New Year!

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  6. Ah yes, the neighbors with the fireworks. Raises hand. My neighbors are the worst kind of hillbillies, rich ones whose teenaged children have an unlimited budget for fireworks on any given occasion: New Years, Canada Day, Groundhog Day, McHappy Day. They very kindly wait until all of our lights are out and we’ve clearly gone to bed before the festivities begin, and in case we get bored between explosions they holler WOOOOHOOOOO to keep the mood alive.
    Ps my word of the year is tolerance……
    Pss love your post as always. Happy New Year!

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  7. We had so many batshit crazy neighbors that we had to drug the dog. And our neighbors have guns too! Pretty soon, they’ll be on the lake in front of our house, drunk with guns, shooting ducks. Ugh. I hate duck season.

    I love reading your posts because it proves that humor can be found in all situations. I know this may be a little premature but … would you speak at my funeral? It would be such a hoot!

    Just kidding. No fatal disease or alarming activity on the horizon.

    So glad that you will be hanging in here in 2017. You make the sober-sphere much more fun.


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      1. Hee hee hee! I always have to think about how to reply to such witticisms by waiting for a moment of wittery to hit me.
        It’s really taking it’s time, so I’ll just ACCEPT YOUR GRACIOUS OFFER, and therefore you have earned a place in my will. (I have to put you in there because how else will you know I’m dead?) And don’t worry! It’s a paying gig. All expenses paid! Per diem allowance!
        Friendly locals!
        Thanks again — I will rest easy knowing I can cross this off my “to do” list.

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