Sober Rockstar- No, It Is Not an Oxymoron

Let me set the scene for you:

We spend the weekend at the coast working on the beach house laundry room– we paint, we lay floor, we put up blinds, we put up shelves. It rains all weekend. Freakishly huge Amazon rain forest amounts of rain. We drive home Sunday- in the rain. We get home, still raining, trying to outrun flood warnings. We’re too tired to do anything but lay on the bed and watch TV. However, Mr. Betty decides to go out to his sub-basement level music studio….annnnd….wait for it…

YES! IT’S FUCKING FLOODED!! The studio is full of water, power is out, sump pump is SILENT. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!

The carnage: Six guitars on the floor rack are soaking in 6″ of water. Amps are drowned. Rugs are floating. The love seat is swamped. The Ikea table never had a chance. And the banjo…the banjo was in it’s case lying on the floor, half under water.

So Mr. Betty, who’s distraught, horrified, and pissed off enough to tear a phone book in half, shouts: “FUCK! I NEED A SELTZER!”.*

And that’s how it’s done, ladies and gentlemen. Well played, Mr. Betty.

*He had a peach-pear La Croix, if anyone is interested.


16 thoughts on “Sober Rockstar- No, It Is Not an Oxymoron

  1. My husband is in a band, and he intends to be buried w his Strat, his Les Paul and all the others. Sadly– no banjo. He would actually cry is this happened to him. I really, really hope you guys have insurance and he can put all the pieces together. Yay for La Croix. Have you tried Gerolsteiner? Good for serious NA drinking after crisis.

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  2. Dear God, was there a full moon or something? The stars aligned to bring disaster to all of us. You had the f-cking studio flooded and I had my feelings hurt!!! Where will this all end??

    We did not have seltzer water, so I had cheesecake. And ice cream with hot fudge. I’m so glad you made it through, you rockstar you. ; )

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