The Fru-its of My Sober…I Mean Labor

I finally finished a project in my much anticipated sewing room. This is not actually the first project (I have made some pillow covers, custom curtains for beach house and hemmed my living room curtains (which I can’t post because somehow one out of four panels came up 2″ shorter than the other three…WTF??? I MEASURED)) but this is the first full-on, using-a-sewing-pattern, takes more than an hour, kind of project.



It’s a fabric storage container. I LOVE storage. I LOVE bins. This is a bin and it’s pretty.

I actually started this last year right after I finished remodeling the sewing room. However, the sewing room is also my guest room and soon after I had my pattern pieces cut out I had guests (that was April). Then I spent the next 6 months fixing and painting and ultimately selling my rental home. Then I bought a beach house. Then it snowed. THEN I WAS TIRED. ALL OF MY REASONS ARE VERY GOOD.

Anyway, in January, in line with my WOTY “Commitment”, I decided that I would commit to spending at least 1 hour every day doing something productive, particularly after work, and which did not include going to the gym (by which I mean if/when I go to the gym it does not count and I still have to do SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE on top of that).

So I have not done that every day. But I have done it a lot of days and that is good thing. PA’s (productive activities) include (but are not limited to):

  • Supervising the Roomba
  • Any kind of DIY
  • Any kind of crafting or sewing
  • Any kind of cleaning
  • Involved meal preparation
  • Bookkeeping and office activity
  • Home maintenance

Yesterday I fixed the toilet leak. The day before, I wrestled with the sump pump which had quit again and our already flooded space re-flooded. The day before that I made homemade spaghetti sauce. Sadly, that’s where my memory literally stops. BUT YOU GET THE IDEA.

The insurance guy is going to be here soon, so I have to go, but I’m leaving you with some links which are iron-clad proof of my PA’s:

Fabric Bin

Tool Talk!






5 thoughts on “The Fru-its of My Sober…I Mean Labor

    1. Well thanks, Anne! I seriously have to force myself to be productive or I just climb onto my bed, turn on the mattress heat and zone out on my laptop or TV.
      Ooh, quilting! I’d love to see the fruits of your quilting labor.


  1. You’ve inspired me! I’m so useless at anything creative, although I have decoupage a cpuople of tables. I ave also tried to shabby chic a few things and I’m going on a course about that, however I’m now going to turn my hand to cushion covers in lieu of your post! I’ll need to do them by hand though!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this post and I want to be able to say you have inspired me (you kind of have) but I struggle with balance and I am either sloth, lounging in bed with iPad/book/tv feeling guilty and useless or whirling dervish in a flurry of activity only to leave myself completely depleted of all energy and wondering how I will manage the rest of the week. Maybe my WOTY should be balance.
    Lovely bag, I am very jealous of your abilities.

    Liked by 1 person

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