1-IMG_20180429_090815Hello Friends! Today is a special day, it’s Mr. Betty’s birthday and he has agreed to tolerate being thrown a birthday party after my phone was blown up by his family members DEMANDING A CELEBRATION, DAMMIT. His family is like that, they enjoy a gathering. So I’m writing a blog post largely to avoid all the cleaning and cooking that I need to be doing RIGHT FUCKING NOW. I mean, there’s picking up the party tray from the store, supervising the Roomba, it’s just exhausting *tiny violin sings in the background*.

Speaking of tiny violins, did you know you can get an app on your phone that will actually simulate a tiny violin?? It’s most effective if you need to end some whining in a way that’s lighthearted yet brutally effective. You know, they’re laughing but they’re also like, “heeeyyyyyyy….”

Mr. Betty’s bday often gets me out of the winter hibernation mode that I’m in because it’s about this time of year that the rain starts to thin and we have some more sun. Also, it’s forces me to clean my house for the first time since Thanksgiving in November.

ALSO, it reminds me that I have another soberversary coming in just about one month. Yay! And you know what that means: my awesomeness is now growing EXPONENTIALLY. Or possibly incrementally. It really depends on the day.

Some days I’m on. I’M SOOO ONNNNNN!! I’m all over it! I’ve got it! I’m doing it!! I’m MAKING IT MY BITCH.

Some days I’m like a mortally wounded soldier in a WWI movie, “Go on without me Nigel…I’ll just hold you back…GOOOOOOOO…”

You know, like we are.

***24 hours later***

Right. I’m back. I had to get up and go make the party happen so of course I DID THAT SHIT and it was smash hit, mostly due to the newfound and (apparently) worldwide popularity of my mac ‘n’ cheese recipe. I’ll just tell you the secret now, so as not to keep you in cruel suspense: VELVEETA. Lots of it. Don’t like processed cheese? You’ve come to the wrong page, my friend. Move along.

So like I was saying, not every day is OPTIMAL AWESOME.

However, I have been spending a lot more time in my craft room due to some decorating that needed to be completed at the beach house. We decided to make it a vacation rental so it would pull its own weight, so to speak. So I’ve been making pillow covers and gluing starfish* onto things and assembling framed art and printing photographs to hang and it’s been VERY ENJOYABLE.

From the frantic cute-ening up of the beach house sprang my inspiration to add a layer of decor to my actual house. So I’m sitting here today with some newly-framed art prints that I bought at our local annual art fair circa 1999. I SHIT YOU NOT. These prints have been sealed in plastic for FOUR PRESIDENTS. They have been released and are now tittering with joy in their jewel-like frames, waiting for their ascension to my dining room wall later today.

All of this sparked a renewed interest in photographs I’ve taken over the past few years having purchased a “real” camera. It is by no means expensive, fancy nor schmancy, but it an actual camera with a lens and various features. I spent about a year or so using it rather than my phone and actually thinking about composing shots that other humans might want to look at.

So I thought some of them might look nice printed and framed. Then I started obsessing on ordering canvas prints. THEN IT GOT OUT OF CONTROL. So I bought a groupon for 30″ x 60″ canvas tryptic, uploaded a photo of the sun setting on the ocean, ordered, and now it has arrived!!

Then I caught a buy-one-get-one sale on photo printer paper and I have about 10,000 sheets now….


Aaaannd I’m probably going to need more ink…maybe a better printer….

And this, THIS!!! is a very good example of how people end up with an endless number of hobbies. I’m calling it Hobby Sprawl Syndrome.

So apart from my recent bout of HSS, I am also peddling some wares. Specifically cookware and kitchen stuff. I thought that being a consultant and presenting at parties would force me to get out the house and hone my public speaking skills and maybe make me a little cashola on the side. What I’ve found is:

  • Talking, answering questions and directing food preparation for 2 hours straight is exhausting.
  • I like being at home and
  • I spend all my profits on product for myself.

So jury’s out on whether or not my (supplementary) career will be successful. BUT!!! It has sparked a revival of my love for cooking (Hobby #37).

All of this growth is because I escaped the creativity-killing suck hole of alcohol. ALL OF IT. And really it’s just starting to come back at full (and I assure you DEADLY) strength.

You have no concept of how much energy you are pouring into your wine glass until you see that energy released into the world.

I have stuff to hang! And you people need to round up a few dozen more hobbies.


*The source from which I purchased my starfish assured me that the already-deceased creatures were collected AD (after death) and were not murdered so that I could glue them to a plaque that says “Relax”.





22 thoughts on “Hobbies-a-Go-Go

  1. The Laugh arrived here also. I used to hate hobbies, because I equated them to stamp albums, and scary doll collections. But since Pinterest, my life has creatively expanded. We have new tenants in our workshop and they build Tiny Homes, so we are writing a Tiny Space Cookbook, and I’m learning how to photograph food. Now I need a camera and ACCESSORIES. I’ve never had accessories before. When your beach house is ready, can I rent it?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahahaha! I actually own one scary doll, she’s in the garage (or possibly outside my window.)
      Tiny house cook book! Love it!! I don’t have any accessories either. Get a bunch!
      Beach house listing goes “live” in about a week. Yes you can rent it!!

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  2. You’re awesome! Thanks for the uplifting post. And I agree with you 100%, alcohol is a creativity-killing soul-sucking yucky disgusting substance that I am so glad neither of us have in our lives! 💜

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  3. It makes me so happy to know I am not the only one who immediately becomes over enthusiastic about a project/hobby/interest!

    And then it remains in plastic for 4 presidents. Waiting to be rekindled.


    Love to you. We should meet at the beach house!


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  4. omg thank you Betty! I am about 6 weeks sober and struggling for the first time since i ditched the wine bottle. I have an anxiety disorder and my wine in the evening really relaxed me and helped me have a little fun (albeit alone, but i’m ok with alone). This week, I have had a few stressful occurrences and there have been 2 days I wanted to buy a bottle. I haven’t, i’ve been good, but I really really wanted to just have ONE EFFING NIGHT of enjoyment. Of course I know it won’t be just ONE night. Im a huge crafter/hobbyist (i mean i have lots not that I’m physically huge, although my craft stash is huge) and I’m a writer, so this post has given me some motivation to keep on so i can continue to grow my artistic-ness-ness-ness (i make up new words). thank you!!

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    1. Hello, BP! I approve of your word invention. A lot of people will tell you that active drinking actually makes their anxiety worse, so it definitely gets better when you stop. I’m a fan of GABA to relieve anxiety.
      I will think of you dwarfing your little tiny craft table while holding your itty bitty glue gun. Hang in there!! 6 weeks is amazing!

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  5. NIGEL! Come back!! Haha. You’re so funny. Three weeks tomorrow for me yahoo! Time is sort of flying. Where’s your beach house? We always visit Lincoln city. There’s a Dress Barn outlet there. Jk. Happy bday to your hub!

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  6. Brilliant post …. which I read after several hours in the shed sawing and planing bits of wood. Mrs F didn’t even ask what’s I was doing just happy to see me “fiddling about” as she calls it.
    Oh that was after making a hedgehog house out of part of an old tree my daughter and I acquired last night on our evening stroll.

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